Colour coded social media publishing

One of the most powerful functions of Fedica’s social media scheduler is the ability to categorize your publishing, allowing you to publish a variety of posts to your audience. This helps keeping your followers engaged and reduces unfollows caused by monotonic content. In essence, it’s a way to segment your publishing, similar to how you can segment twitter followers, or your twitter engagement.

To make this categorization easier to visualize, we are introducing our new planner view! This new view shows your scheduled posts colour coded by pipeline. The colour codes make it simpler to visualize the spread of your scheduled content over time, and ensure you have a good mix of categories in your publishing schedule.

In addition to the weekly view, the planner has a monthly mode that provides a broader overview of your schedule.

Clicking on a scheduled post brings up a summary window showing the post with all it’s elements (photos, website summary etc.). There, you can update, delete the post or move it to a different pipeline

If you have scheduled twitter threads, they will also show accordingly

And of course, clicking the “List” button brings up your scheduled posts in list format (which also got a face lift)

And if you want different pipeline colours than default system one, you can customize the colours of each pipeline when you create or edit a pipeline

We hope you find this update useful. Let us know what you think of these changes, we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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