Colour coded social media publishing

One of the most powerful functions of Fedica’s social media scheduler is the ability to categorize your publishing, allowing you to publish a variety of posts to your audience. This helps keeping your followers engaged and reduces unfollows caused by monotonic content. In essence, it’s a way to segment your publishing, similar to how you can … Read more

How to schedule threads in Hootsuite

We are big fans of Hootsuite! We are also big fans of X (formerly Twitter) threads! We previously wrote about how to schedule threads; unfortunately, however, Hootsuite doesn’t support scheduling threads natively (at the time of this writing). But, that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule threads using Hootsuite. It can be done if you install the … Read more

5 Tricks to get more traction on your brand

1. Customized paid ads are a great way to get in front of your audience. Tools like Google AdSense, Facebook and twitter ads make this easy as it customizes ads to be relevant to your target market. 2. Social Media; platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can all be leveraged by interacting with specific communities, … Read more

Twitter (now X) Audience Insights Alternative

X (formerly Twitter) has announced that their Audience Insights tool will be shutting down January 30th 2020. If you go to X’s analytics, you’ll receive the following alert: X Audience Insights was a great tool that allowed the ability to see high level statistics. The X Audience Insights didn’t allow for detailed segmentation (drilling down … Read more