5 Tricks to get more traction on your brand

1. Customized paid ads are a great way to get in front of your audience. Tools like Google AdSense, Facebook and twitter ads make this easy as it customizes ads to be relevant to your target market.

2. Social Media; platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can all be leveraged by interacting with specific communities, creating your own community is only one of the channels to get people interacting with you but often these are limited to the specific followers you currently have, and the point is to engage new followers. This engagement requires seeking out the points of interest that your potential clients/customers are discussing.
If you have a physical product then Instagram is a great medium for you as it allows you to promote your brand visually.

Reach out and grab some attention for your business and try to be a little more creative than “Doug’s Designer Dog Fashion”.

3. Your website style should be updated every couple of years to keep it fresh and modern however be careful to not change it too much so that your existing clients are still easily able to access the features they use. Unless you’re a world recognized label like McDonalds or Coke It’s a good idea to modernize your logo every few years even a small change just to keep it fresh.

4. Analytics while also providing a baseline will help keep on top of your engagement, things become stale if you’re repeating the same content all the time be sure to make posts on what the majority your users are talking about even if it doesn’t have anything to do with your business such as the latest football game, Oscar winners, world news…perhaps you shouldn’t post something political ?…

This type of data helps to keep your brand in the forefront! Tools are available to gather this info easily and you can drill right down into your followers and see what THEY are talking about and you can even customize your tweets for specific regions.


5. Interaction, while technology is amazing it’s still so important to get out in front of people face-to-face ”old school”, attend conferences, join local BIA’s, host an open house to meet others in your community. Of course, video conferencing can be a great alternative in cases when you cannot meet face-to-face, for example if the meeting requires significant travel time, or when there is a once in a century type pandemic!