Advanced ways to Schedule Twitter (now X) Threads

Last summer we launched a new tool that allowed scheduling X (formerly Twitter) threads. Over the past year we have continued to enhance this tool; thus, allowing you to customize your scheduled threads even more.
The first major change is the ability to attach different images to each post in a thread. While this was possible in the past, it required multiple steps, but we have now improved this function to allow attaching photos and videos directly in each thread post as you create them.
In addition to that, we have improved the way you can schedule threads by offering two choices:
1. All at once: your thread posts are posted all at once
2. Spread over time: the different posts in a thread are posted over a period of time either using the Pipeline or PowerSchedule options.
As you add more posts in the post box to create a thread, a new checkbox appears: “Spread Thread Post” when selected, it gives you the ability to spread your posts over time, or leave it unchecked to post your thread all at once:

As in regular posts, you still have the option to use the Pipeline or PowerSchedule. In the case of PowerSchedule, you will need to set the cadence between posts in hours or minutes if you choose to spread your posts over time. While in the case of Pipeline, your posts are posted following the cadence and schedule configured in your Pipeline.
For example, you can compose a thread that gets sent out one post per day like we have done in our 30DayMapChallenge here
We are continuously improving and expanding all of our tools to serve your growing needs, let us know what you think of this improvement.

7 thoughts on “Advanced ways to Schedule Twitter (now X) Threads”

  1. It would be great if one could have the choice not to receive twits that use foul and abusive language and was as showing graphic violence of any form too. Example I’m proffer twits that I may be interested in which is fine. However when you keep proffering twits that use say the four letter word I seriously loose interest in Twitter.

  2. I am happy with the way things are, you have done good changes and i don’t want to spread tweets over time. As i come onto the site and interact is good for me. My only complaint to Twiiter is the adding of icon pics or clipart which now looks over stretched and hideous as you can’t down size them. Icon pics and clipart aren’t meant to be fullsize photos. Why has this changed?
    With thanks,

  3. Look interesting anything that enhances my tweet presentation. This will cost me more? And I want also to know how many tweets I can sent monthly with my subscription . Can I sent video with my subscription? Also I have been having problems with Twitter and the followers. Any recommendation?

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