Twitter (now X) Audience Insights Alternative

X (formerly Twitter) has announced that their Audience Insights tool will be shutting down January
30th 2020. If you go to X’s analytics, you’ll receive the following alert:

X Audience Insights was a great tool that allowed the ability to see high level statistics. The X Audience Insights didn’t allow for detailed segmentation (drilling down to your specific followers) by interest, or other demographics, and it only provided less than 10% of follower’s information for many categories due to the limitation of gathering data through matching technology with X partners. Having said that, it was very useful in getting insights about your X audience, and it is sad to see it discontinued.

So where does that leave us? Fortunately, there are other tools that are still available, give more details and provide more coverage than what’s provided by X’s Audience Insights.

For example; Fedica’s follower segmentation tool allows you to discover audiences with specific demographics such as CEO’s and Directors in Mexico City between the ages of 24-64, or retired women ages 65+ in London interested in puppies, wine and books. This means you can directly reach out to these specific followers based on their interest right down to the account.

Let’s say you’re running a Conference in San Francisco on the “Effects of Global Warming on plankton”. You don’t want to blast followers in Prague who have zero interest. Using these advanced tools you can segment your followers who are Marine Biologists and those interested in marine biology located in San Francisco, and reach out to them to let them know about the upcoming conference in their area that would be of interest to them.

You can also learn what times of the day your audience go online in different geographies, which helps you target your scheduling, or use Fedica’s own scheduling tools.

Other demographic information which are quickly at your fingertips:
• Followers who are also following your competitors
• Learn what your followers are talking about at any given moment, which helps in targeting daily posts specific to what they are actively interested in
• What other brands your followers also follow
• Followers’ demographics, such as age, gender, occupations, languages and time zones

There is so much potential in this valuable detailed information for engaging your followers and having meaningful, applicable interactions with them.
Rest assured the removal of X Analytics Audience Insights opens the door to a new world of possibilities!