5 Best Free X (once Twitter) Schedulers Right Now

Want to find a new X (formerly Twitter) scheduling platform for free? Here are the best options out there today:

  • X
  • Fedica
  • Tweetdeck
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite (No longer Free)


X has its own scheduler through its ads website with the option to promote the posts. In addition, their scheduling tool lets you schedule posts up to a year in advance.

To access this tool, however, you will need to sign up for X advertising with credit card information by visiting ads.twitter.com. If you are willing to provide your card info, the scheduling tool is simple and effective.

Signing up for X Ads, on the other hand, gives you access to follower demographics and engagement statistics. You can get limited individual post stats and analytics without signing up with your credit card through analytics.twitter.com as well.

X is itself one of the best post scheduling tools available. It offers you the option to schedule posts and promote them as advertisements.

The facts:

  • X’s native scheduler
  • Post schedule limit: unlimited, but up to a year in advance


Fedica, the leading social scheduling platform for the fediverse, lets you schedule threads, polls and 10 posts at any given time. It supports Bluesky, Mastodon, Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, Pinterest, & LinkedIn. It also allows you to manage your audience effectively by offering access to proprietary analytics and follower mapping data for insights with email support. The free plan is available to all individuals, multinational brands, or anywhere in between.

The unique location-centric platform enables you to map your followers by country, state, and city. The post scheduler will streamline your publishing and save you time. In addition, post Alerts will keep you informed by email at a frequency you decide if you want to stay on top of your brand or general topics.

Fedica now works on mobile! Suppose you sign up for the low-cost plans. In that case, you will be able to post at optimal times and schedule threads spread over long periods of time while also getting analytics and engagement data that gives you follower insights. Not to mention further building your community, all while saving your budget!

The facts:

Fedica’s free plan:

  • Schedule Posts – up to 10 at any given time
  • 7 Network accounts connected to 1 Fedica user
  • Schedule platforms: X, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Mastodon, Bluesky & LinkedIn
  • Advanced Thread and poll scheduling
  • Weekly update report
  • Bulk scheduling, unlimited draft scheduling & Media Library for repurposing media

Additions: A free browser extension to schedule posts, replies, quote posts right to X and other platforms from any website.

Starter plan: $10/month billed annually:

  • X Scheduler with RSS feed support Up to 100 posts on the scheduler
  • 7 Networks, 1 user.
  • AI-driven Publishing
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Organized Calendar
  • Content Segmentation
  • Advanced X thread scheduling over time
  • Post calendar with automatic best times to post for multiple time zones
  • Map follower location: country, state or city
  • + More


TweetDeck is an X-developed program that allows for quick and easy integration with the platform. Although TweetDeck formerly allowed you to schedule to other social media sites, the disadvantage is that it now only allows you to schedule posts.

TweetDeck streams your content and those of your followers, their interactions, and messages into lists. If your sole focus is to use X, this platform is the one to use. You can schedule posts and view audience activity, but there are no analytics available.

However, the platform is entirely free. That said, you get pretty non-intuitive scheduling, and TweetDeck also doesn’t have an app, so you’ll have to use it on your computer.

This is probably the ideal solution for you if all you want to do is manage your X presence online without analytics or weekly reports.

The Facts:

TweetDeck’s free platform:

  • Schedule platforms: X
  • Schedule Tweets – up to 10 at any given time
  • Lists & audience overview


Buffer’s free plan allows you to link three social media accounts from X, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, monitored by only 1 user. It also allows you to plan 10 posts as most free tools do too.

It’s also a well-maintained tool that provides customers with various options, 3rd party integration, and android and iOS apps. So if you think you’ll want to upgrade to schedule content across several platforms in the future, Buffer could be an excellent option to explore. But as of 2020, Buffer no longer supports social sign-on, so you can’t access it via your X login.

There’s a free 14-day trial for all of Buffer’s 3 plans: Pro, Premium, and Business as well.

The Pro plan is $15 a month with 8 social profiles, 100 scheduled posts per channel but for only one user.

The facts:

Buffer’s free plan:

  • Schedule Posts – up to 10 per social channel at any given time
  • 1 user
  • Schedule platforms: X, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • 3 social channels
  • Limited post reports
  • Buffer community & email support
  • Additions: A free browser extension to schedule posts on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Android and iPhone apps.


Hootsuite is a widely known scheduling platform that shows you who has mentioned you and lets you manage your inboxes from multiple accounts at once. It offers social media scheduling across X, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. You can also schedule multiple posts in advance and post at optimal times. Additionally, they offer other tools and capabilities, including seeing mentions and your follower feed and integrating a workflow among multiple team members.

To make the most of Hootsuite, users must pay for a plan, but there are free 30-day trials for anyone wanting to give it a try.

Hootsuite Professional costs $75 per month, which adds up to $900 per year for 1 user. Still, this plan doesn’t include team user integration. However, if you pay yearly, you get a discount of $49 per month and $588 annually, which allows unlimited scheduled posts, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights integration, and bulk scheduling.

The facts:

Free 30-day trial, $99/month:

  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • 1 user
  • 10 social accounts
  • Access all platform messages in one inbox
  • Schedule platforms: X, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, & Instagram
  • Audience metrics & reports
  • Bulk scheduling

Additions: HootSuite comes as a web app and an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Keitai app, with a free browser extension.


Ultimately, the best platforms are whatever works for your specific needs. Want to work on your phone? Or maybe you prefer more diverse options instead. Either way, there are plenty of free options and other choices that give you a taste of what’s possible.