7 Things to Monitor Beyond Your Brand Name

You’ve put a considerable amount of effort to building your brand name. You’ve carefully curated content, made informed decisions on what posts are relevant and when the optimal time to post is. You have ensured that your social media accounts embody your brand’s mission. You’ve even done damage control on the digital footprint you left behind from before your name became what it is today.

But beyond that, you need to watch other things besides your brand name. Here are the top 7 things worth tracking:

1. Monitor all your online campaigns

Are you happy with the results of your campaigns that ran on Facebook? Which headlines did the best? Did you target the right audience? Was there a high level of engagement?

Metrics like clicks, engagement, opt-ins, reach and sales are important. Understanding the numbers and analyzing the results can help you create future campaigns by knowing what works and what doesn’t.

2. Pay attention to competitor mentions

When you stay informed on the latest activities of your competition, you can gain insight on what you can apply to your own business based on what customers are saying, whether negative or positive, about their products.

If your competitors are receiving complaints, you’ll know what mistakes to avoid. If they are being praised for something, you’ll understand the market better allowing you to make adjustments in your own service and marketing campaigns.

3. Keep up with latest industry trends

Consumers are always on the look for the latest trends, and you should be too. Knowing what is relevant, popular, and creating the most buzz in your industry are all key elements to ensuring your brand does not get left behind.

Follow digital magazines for ads, social media or websites for product reviews, and blogs so you can anticipate future opportunities.

4. Are your images being shared?

It’s important to know if your followers are consuming your blogs, posts, or any texts related to your brand. It is equally critical to monitor if your images are being shared or if anything is being said about them.

Which of your images is the most liked? Do any of them have a negative impact? Are your images being used inappropriately? Are you properly credited for your photos that have been reposted?

5. What is being said about your products?

What is being said about your brand name is one thing; what people are saying about your products is another thing and is just as valuable.

Any conversations going on about your goods or services gives you the opportunity to participate in the exchange, allowing you to address any complaints or pointing them in the right direction. Fedica Alert service allows you to track any keyword, hashtag or topic, view it on a dashboard or get emails right into your Inbox, simply put have your finger on the pulse of your brand, products, competitors or partners.

6. Who are your industry influencers?

Influencers have such a powerful impact on their followers, convincing them to purchase products, visit new restaurants, and try out new services all with just a status, a tweet, a blog review, or a vlog.

Identify who the influencers in your industry are, and you’ll know who your niche market in most swayed by and whose opinions matter. Their posts on anything related to your market will help you with your future marketing campaigns. It would also be worthwhile for you to make your brand known to them as a mention by influencers will create brand awareness for you.

Utilize tools that will help you identify your industry influencers. Fedica allows you to get to know who the influencers in your industry are by analyzing Twitter accounts.

7. How active and efficient is your customer service?  

Your brand is your reputation and one of the ways to guarantee that you have a positive public image is in the way you address the needs of your customers.

Are you able to respond to inquiries and complaints promptly? Are you courteous and professional? Tracking your ability to offer excellent customer service points out your areas that need improving.

Your personal brand revolves around your name. But monitoring all angles of your brand beyond your name can mean the difference between failure and success. You may want to consider the Fedica Alert which allows you to track any topic, view it on a dashboard or get email alerts right into your Inbox.