A Musician’s Guide to Promoting Music On Twitter (now X)

Musicians and social media marketing go hand in hand, and we’ve discussed previously how social media has revolutionized the music industry. That’s an overarching point – but now there’s a question of how to actually promote that music on X (formerly Twitter).

There’s often a problem with musicians on X where they believe that constantly flooding their followers with music purchasing links and samples is how they get their music noticed. The reality is that this isn’t the case. If you’re a musician, you’ll get some sales from your diehard fans, but this kind of activity doesn’t get you promoted to new listeners.

If you’re a little known or up-and-coming artist, establishing yourself on social media can be an uphill battle. However we have a few tips you can use to start promoting yourself and improving your brand on X to take you to the next level.

Don’t harass music producers and big wigs on X

One thing you may be tempted to do is link your newest SoundCloud link or YouTube mix to someone you know is influential in the industry on X. Why? Because you’re hoping they’ll take a listen and you’ll shoot off on your journey of being discovered.

The reality? Music producers and industry influencers rarely listen to music they’re recommended in their X mentions. Do yourself a favor and refrain from doing this – it can also damage your image with others when they see you desperately trying to get noticed on social media.

Build your relationships first

Before you toss your music links at somebody, think about this. If someone you never knew or even said hello to in your life handed you a mixtape at the same time as your close friend did the same, and you could only listen to one, which do you think you would pick?

X users are more likely to engage and listen to your music when you actually build a relationship with them first. Interact and get to know people on a more intimate level before sharing your music with them. This helps build both your image and gets your music noticed.

Try to stand out more

Here’s something you need to realize – you aren’t the only starving artist out there who needs to get recognized. Take from this two things: one, if you aren’t as successful as you want to be, it has also a lot to do with competition being so tough. While we have tools to help you master your analytic strategies that will drive your engagement tactics, there’s still the challenge of playing in a very saturated market when it comes to making music.

Two, the way to start solving this problem is to start standing out. What makes you different from everyone else? How can you get noticed more online? When you answer these questions, you set yourself up to create strategies for promotion.

Take opportunities as they come

There are a million opportunities to get noticed on social media. Your job is to leverage them into something valuable for you.

For instance, say you start up a DM campaign and get responses. You now have to think about the next step – what do you do after you receive this engagement? What’s the next step to responding to those who respond to you?

In order to make every opportunity count, never let a comment fall by the way side. Use Fedica to find local users and engage with them. Respond to DMs and mentions when they come. Start conversations and boost your image. Take part in trending hashtags. This is how you take advantage of what X has to offer you.

Last but not least…

Never give up. Promoting your music can be a long and arduous process with rewards that come in bursts, and always remember that showbiz is still showbiz, even on social media. The best way to make sure you promote your music well, however, is to not let yourself succumb to adversity. Keep trying and engaging even when things don’t look like they’re going your way. Also make sure you pay attention to your impact – that’s how you truly measure you success.

X offers you a lot of ways to engage with your audience, and it’s your job as an artist to use all of them to the nth degree. Social media is how artists become successful, and how successful artists stay relevant. Use these tips to move from the first category to the second.