Be Your Own Entrepreneur: Steps to Start up Your Own Online Business

Find a Niche

Before you begin, you will need to discover a product or service that interests you. This idea needs to sit in accordance with your own values and perhaps benefits your own life problems that can be solved with it. Think of something that you may have a passion or interest for but as well with the potential for serious profit. Try finding a market first then product/ service second!

Find your Target Audience

Not every business idea is going to appeal to everyone. Demographics can range from age, location, income, culture and so on when determining your targeted buyers. Research different groups to ensure that you are catering your business model properly to reach your demographics.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is an essential factor for entrepreneurs in order to gain opportunities to meet other people with useful skills and insights that can assist your business. It also paves additional opportunities to meet investors that can help you in getting your business model off the ground. Establishing relations and connections will only help foster your business and is something that can be done before or after your business is open!

Build Your Website

Once your idea has been established, it is time for your small-business web design. Remember to keep it simple but intriguing with easy navigation that is clear. Use graphics, videos, and audio only if it enhances your message. Most importantly, make it easy to buy! Have as little of clicks necessary between potential customers and checkout. Your website will be your store front, so make it as appealing and customer friendly as possible! Try using free website builders such as to help you get started!


Get the Word Out

It is now time to drive traffic to your brand-new website. Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to do so! Instead of waiting around for the interest on your product, PPC ads show up on search pages right away. You are also able to test out key words, headlines, prices and selling approaches that will intrigue potential buyers to your product.


Marketing is something that should be done before and after your business is open. You may have the best ice cream shop in the city, but no one will come buy from you if they do not know it exists. It is important to market effectively towards your targeted audiences and knowing how to reach them. If your target market is millennials, then it is more likely that an ad on social media will catch them more than an ad on a billboard.

Use these basic principles to help you get started on growing your online business today!