Tweet Chats: How they Work and what to Expect

Twitter chats are used for public discussions on specific topics. They allow people to participate in engaging conversations and shared topics of interest. They are a perfect way to connect and network with others in your industry on a larger digital scale!

Conversations take place at scheduled times with a predetermined hashtag curated by the host. Before the chat begins, you will want to search the hashtag that is being used and go to the latest tweets associated with it. From there you will see all the tweets from the chat.

Are you ready to join? Read more below to learn about some key chat tips that will help you be better prepared!

Mark your Calendar

Just as if you were meeting up with friends, you do not want to be late for the Twitter chat! Conversations start promptly and can move fast so you want to ensure that you are coming at the proper time and are well prepared. Mark your calendar so you do not forget!

Find the Chat

When it’s time, search for the hashtag and follow along on the “Latest” tab. For example, our hashtag being used will be #Tweepschat. So search for that when joining!

Join the Conversation

People will typically introduce themselves first then eventually the first question will be asked. Questions are labelled Q1, Q2, and so on. It is important that when you answer you are using A1, A2, A3, etc. This helps everyone to stay organized with the questions. Lastly, always use the hashtag in everyone one of your tweets. If you do not do so, no one will see your responses!

Tweet Chat Edict

Make sure to remain respectful to others in the chat and respond using proper grammar. It is also important to consider that blatant self-promos are often frowned upon, so try not to do so. If it is your first chat, you must be warned that they can move fast. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, just sit back and observe if needed. As well, it is a personal preference with how much or little you want to tweet but just remember, you get what you put into it!

Twitter chats are for sharing ideas, having engaging conversations and possibly making some new connections. So have fun with it and we cannot wait to see you out!


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