Changes to Fedica

There has been a number of changes to the Twitter rules, and in order to comply with the twitter rules we are removing the following functions from our service:

  • The Grow community function is no longer available. We believe that Twitter is a remarkable network to engage your audience, build and promote your business. If you are looking for leads or people and accounts with particular demographics and locations – you will find our “Search and Explore” the perfect fit. With Search and Explore you can curate accounts by criteria like interest, preferences, location and size. You can then build datasets and export them for your campaigns e.g. Twitter ads campaigns.
  • Segmented DM. This feature has been removed from the service. Please note that the comprehensive audience segmentation has not changed. You can still segment your audience by locations, demographics and more – gain a deeper understanding of your followers and design targeted campaigns including exporting and uploading to the Twitter ad platform.

All the rest deep analytics functions: analysis of influencers, competitors, and partners are available. Our comprehensive publishing and calendar is also available, and we are working hard to enhance our Twitter focused service and provide more value to you on Twitter.

You can find more info on the Twitter rules here.

We are big fans of Twitter, which is the foundation of our service, and it is very important for us to follow the Twitter guidelines for the benefit of our users.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know here.

The Fedica team