Greferendum and the fate of Greece: the most illustrative tweets on the historic decision tomorrow

Greece’s deteriorating fiscal crisis reached a new stage as the referendum proposed by Greece’s Syriza party put an end to the possibility of a fast resolution to the ongoing debt talks.

The result of the referendum will have immense economic and geopolitical impact to Greece and a number of members of EU. In this post, we aim to bring you a selection of the most illustrative tweets from experts from Europe and North America from both sides of the debate on the current situation.

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Here are the current conversations – click on picture for link to original tweet

1. IMF: 3rd Greek bailout would cost €52bn. Or more?


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2. Was Grexit Always the Plan for Greece’s Alexis Tsipras?

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3. What Are the Geostrategic Implications of a Grexit?


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 4. Grexit to further inequality in Greece


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5. Grexit May Be Europe’s Teaching Moment

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6.  The changing political dynamics in Greece


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7.  Why Greece should choose #OXI / #NO

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