How To Be Hot On A Cold Call


Cold calling. The two words that make the majority of the modern age sales professionals cringe.

In fact, most sales professionals would rather text, email, send out a messenger pigeon or smoke signals — whatever it takes to avoid picking up the phone.

It’s an ongoing debate that has been taking place for a long time: with so many resources disposable to us, such as social selling, referral selling and content marketing why would someone in their right mind put themselves through the horrors of talking on the phone to a stranger and most often than not, be hung up on?


Well, because it works.


And not only does it work, but it still remains one (if not THE) most effective sales approach, even today.

Let’s get something straight: people love to buy but they hate being sold to, one of the most prevailing reasons being the canned scripts with little to no research from sales professionals who know absolutely nothing about their prospect’s business. In which case, you would probably not blame your prospect for hanging up on you, either.

So…how do you avoid being hung up on?

Well, if the question to, “as a salesperson do you think your call is interruptive, irritating or distracting?” is “yes”, then don’t be interruptive, irritating and distracting! Simple as that.


Chances are, you have been hung up on for one (or all) of these three reasons:

  1. You have not conducted your research on your prospect and their business

How can you even sell if you don’t  know what their problems are? Yet, most sales professionals who cold call dial without doing their homework.


  1. You used a canned script

While using a cold calling script as a guideline is the best practice, there is no “one size fits all” in sales. Adapt your script to the discussion, ask questions and keep it conversational.


  1. Not enough dials

Cold calling is a numbers’ game and it always has been. Very often sales professionals get demoralized after 10-15 calls and simply give up. Keep calling and the “yes” will come.

Cold calling is far from easy but when done right it yields amazing results. With a few tweaks in your approach you can take your sales status from “zero” to “hero” very quickly.


Take a look at these 5 smart ways to start your conversation and avoid being hung up on:


  1. I know it’s not a scheduled call and I’m sure you’re very busy but I wanted to share some information I know you will find valuable. Would you be good enough to give me just 60 seconds of your time?”

90% of your prospects will say yes. Firstly, you are acknowledging that it’s a not a scheduled call and secondly, you are asking for permission, something that many forget to do.


  1. I was referred to you by _____.

Referrals (especially when referred down) instantly add credibility and the prospect will be more inclined to listen to you.


  1. I was researching your company and …

Here-don’t fabricate information. Take 5 minutes to actually educate yourself about your prospect.


  1. In reading your LinkedIn profile, I noticed we share professional interests (or work in the same industry).”

This is a warmer and personalized intro that does not start with a pitch right awayI but leads nicely to further discussion..


  1. I read your article and wanted to congratulate you/ask you a few questions”.

Again, this warm intro will show that you have done your homework and research on your prospect.


Now – “Pick up the phone and start dialing!” – as Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street”) says to his hungry for success team