Prospecting: 3 Reasons Why Your Buyers Are Turned Off

A good salesperson will follow up with prospects as soon as they come to them. A great salesperson understands that sales by nature, is a very competitive industry, and prospects on a consistent basis. Prospecting is the core of salesmanship, the foundation of every sale and signed dotted line. Yet, even the most senior and … Read more

Learn Graphic Design: 5 Quick Tips

  In our increasingly visual world where the overflow of information makes individuals immune to content, good graphics and graphic design skills are pivotal to making your materials stand out. In a post published by Huffington Post, content with visual context generates 53% more engagement than a text-based posts and that is a result of … Read more

Video: How to Set Up Alerts on Hashtags and Keywords

At its very core Twitter is designed to move fast and to allow anyone to voice their opinion about any topic, hashtags, brand or account. This means YOUR business as well. Staying on top of news is crucial to making good business decisions. BUT we are all busy and don’t have the time to continuously … Read more

Video: How Your Business Can Do Better With Fedica

You may have had the opportunity to explore our platform a little bit already! Briefly, we offer everything you need to leverage Twitter in a way that it benefits your brand, whether that means increase in conversion, saving costs, meaningful engagement or listening and research. So…what does that mean for you? Our community analysis section … Read more

Video: How to See Your Followers’ Location on Twitter (now X)

We know that social media posting is nothing without analytics; it’s like shooting in the dark. Everything we post has to make sense and has to be addressed to our followers. That’s why it’s important to know who our followers are and where they are located. Whether you are an international brand looking to create … Read more

How To Be Hot On A Cold Call

  Cold calling. The two words that make the majority of the modern age sales professionals cringe. In fact, most sales professionals would rather text, email, send out a messenger pigeon or smoke signals — whatever it takes to avoid picking up the phone. It’s an ongoing debate that has been taking place for a … Read more

Video: How to Use Fedica’s Browser Plugin

Tweet and share content right from where you actually see it, without having to copy-paste or open up another browser window with Fedica’s Plugin for Twitter. For more FREE training on the capabilities and efficiency of the Fedica platform, subscribe to our YouTube channel today!

Video: How to Find Hashtags to Tweet About

Finding the right hashtags and topics to tweet about is crucial to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world-and the society around you. Coming up with impactful and relevant tweets will allow you to connect with your followers, grow your Twitter audience and increase engagement. While most Twitter management platforms will give you … Read more

Video: How to Build a Twitter (now X) Calendar

X (formerly Twitter) publishing should not be a manual task and should not take lots of time. Automate your posting while increasing engagement with Fedica’s scheduler that allows you to build a customized calendar that best suits your needs. Schedule your posts at the most optimal times for YOUR account; even build multiple streams of … Read more

Video: Getting Started with Fedica

New to Fedica? Begin exploring the leading intelligence, publishing and listening platform for social media. Get deep analytics of your followers, followers of competitors and trending topics within your target audience so that you can design targeted and cost effective marketing or ad campaigns, and grow your revenue. Use Fedica’s extensive publishing tools to drive … Read more