Video: How Your Business Can Do Better With Fedica

You may have had the opportunity to explore our platform a little bit already! Briefly, we offer everything you need to leverage Twitter in a way that it benefits your brand, whether that means increase in conversion, saving costs, meaningful engagement or listening and research.

So…what does that mean for you?

Our community analysis section allows you to see exactly who your followers are, where they are located, how engaged they are, and much more.

With Fedica you can find out what your followers are talking about NOW by location, which followers are most engaged and what your top influencers are saying. Explore any hashtag or keyword to stay on top of what is being talked about and your engagement will boost!

For precise campaigns, Fedica allows you to segment, target and reach a specific niche within your followers, and send them a CUSTOMIZED and CONVERSATIONAL note directly to their inbox. Don’t confuse this powerful campaign feature with the other spammy DMs.

SEARCH and ANALYZE any account and get insight on influencers, competitors, or partners.