How To Schedule Mastodon Posts in Hootsuite 

Does Hootsuite support Mastodon? No, but publishing Mastodon posts, toots, or threads is free with Fedica – And if you pay for Hootsuite, you can also use our tools in Hootsuite’s service to build your community across platforms of the future! 

We admire Hootsuite greatly and are also enthusiastic for the future of social media, especially the Fediverse. We previously delved into the intricacies of scheduling threads and scheduling polls, recognizing that Hootsuite doesn’t support for such advanced features.  

So, we share tools for Mastodon publishing, analytics, follower analysis and demographics, for both the Fedica and Hootsuite communities. 

All you have to do is install the Fedica plugin in Hootsuite to unlock all of our advanced capabilities and unique algorithms. 

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Install the Fedica app in Hootsuite

To do that, add a new stream, click the “Apps” tab. 

If you have never installed it, click “Find more apps” and search for Fedica in the Hootsuite App directory then install it.  

2. Add the Fedica dashboard to your streams  

3. Switch to the “Posts Calendar” from the menu  

4. Connect your accounts: Bluesky, Mastodon, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Facebook, & Pinterest!   

5.  Compose your post or thread to publish to Mastodon in the Fedica post composer.  

6. Schedule, save as drafts or publish right to Mastodon and other platforms!   

7. Schedule the thread either by adding it to a content Pipeline queue optimized for audience segments, or a different interval, or choose a specific time. 

Pro Tip: Add more streams of Fedica to use multiple tools side-by-side. For example, manage your followers, content in your calendar and build your target followers from the same dashboard. Below, you can see follower stats with location and growth monitoring, segmentation to group followers by criteria, and specific interactive demographic charts giving you total control and clarity needed to build a targeted community. 

Note: the threads will not show up in the regular Hootsuite planner–you will need to view them or edit them using the Fedica Posts Calendar in your App Streams.