Twitonomy Alternative Solutions to X (once Twitter) Tools in 2023

In this post, we’ll explore how Fedica, an all-in-one social media platform, is an alternative to Twitonomy, a previously popular tool for X (formerly Twitter) analytics. While Twitonomy has been discontinued due to X’s API price change, Fedica emerges as a promising alternative with a wide array of features designed to meet the diverse needs of users.  

Let’s delve into the comparison and discover how Fedica’s tools align with those Twitonomy users may be familiar with. 

Features Twitonomy Fedica (Twitonomy Alternative)
Publishing Limited Advanced, categorized, custom schedules, Geo-targeting, & multi-platform 
Browse, search, filter & Segment Followers Limited ✅ 
AI Optimizer ❌ ✅ 
Schedule advanced threads ❌ ✅ 
Schedule polls ❌ ✅ 
RSS feed support ❌ ✅ 
Bulk Upload ❌ ✅ 
Optimize Limited ✅ 
Advanced Analytics Limited ✅ 
What followers are talking about now ❌ ✅ 
Best Times to Post ❌ ✅ 
Community Analysis Limited ✅ 
Map followers by country, state or city ❌ ✅ 
Analyze followers’ influence, location, and interests Limited ✅ 
Identify Influential followers ❌ ✅ 
Demographics: languages, gender, professions ❌ ✅ 
Track followers and unfollows ✅ ✅ X & Mastodon 
Brand Affinity ❌ ✅ 
Advanced Search for Accounts ❌ ✅ 
Identify inactive accounts ❌ ✅ 
Monitor your interactions with others: mentions, retweets, favorites ✅ ✅ 
Map people you follow Limited ✅ X, Facebook, Instagram & Mastodon 
Analyze Anyone’s account, tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags Limited Comprehensive, AI-driven demographics, location mapping, & more 
Download any user’s retweeted & favorited tweets ✅ ❌ 
Analyze lists and Manage Lists Limited ✅ 
Find common followers between accounts ❌ ✅ 
Analyze keywords and hashtags Limited ✅ 
Historical Hashtag Map and Analysis Reports ❌ ✅ 
Tweet reach ❌ ✅ 
Tweet Alerts, monitor tweets, lists and keyword searches ✅ ✅ 
Export your analysis, Followers, Lists, etc ✅ ✅ 

Twitonomy Alternative for Insights & Publishing

When comparing the tools offered by the now-discontinued Twitonomy with Fedica, it becomes evident that Fedica excels in providing advanced features for social media management.  

In terms of publishing, Fedica allows for customized schedules, multi-platform posting, and geo-targeting, giving users greater control and flexibility over their content distribution.  

Fedica’s AI optimizer enhances content performance, ensuring that users can optimize their social media efforts effectively. Additionally, the ability to schedule advanced threads and polls within Fedica provides users with more engagement opportunities and helps them stand out in the social media landscape. 

One of Fedica’s key strengths is its comprehensive community analysis capabilities. Users can map their followers by location, see their interests, demographics, and even identify influential accounts. This level of insight is invaluable for community building and audience targeting. 

Fedica goes beyond community analysis by offering in-depth account analysis through AI-driven demographics and location mapping. This allows users to gain a deeper understanding of their audience and make data-driven decisions to enhance their social media strategies. 

Furthermore, Fedica provides tools for monitoring interactions, analyzing lists, finding common followers, and exploring hashtags. These features empower users to gather actionable insights and make informed decisions when it comes to their social media management. 

While Twitonomy has been discontinued entirely, Fedica emerges as a robust and reliable platform that offers advanced features and a comprehensive suite of tools for effective social media management. With its range of capabilities in publishing, analytics, community analysis, and in-depth account analysis, Fedica remains a superior choice for users seeking a powerful social media management solution. 

Fedica: The Twitonomy Alternative

Advanced Publishing: Fedica offers a comprehensive publishing suite that allows users to post to multiple social networks, schedule threads, polls, and optimize content with AI assistance. The platform empowers users to organize their content with precision and post at optimal times to reach specific target groups. 

Community Analysis: With Fedica’s powerful audience analysis tools, users can gain deep insights into their followers, including demographics, influential followers, growth patterns, and even brand affinity. This in-depth understanding helps users tailor their content and engagement strategies effectively. 

Competitor Listening: Fedica’s hashtag analyses and analytics provide valuable audience data, enabling users to measure the impact, reach, and audience behind any conversation. By analyzing multiple keywords and hashtags, users can identify overlaps and gain deeper insights into target audiences. 

Comprehensive Listening and Exploration: Fedica allows users to map conversations by analyzing keywords and hashtags, providing historical data and analysis reports. With features like tweet reach and tweet alerts, users can stay on top of relevant discussions and identify opportunities for engagement. 

Key Takeaways

While Twitonomy has discontinued its services due to X’s API price change, Fedica emerges as a robust alternative for social media analytics and management. Fedica’s all-in-one platform offers a comprehensive set of features that align with and surpass the functionalities Twitonomy users have enjoyed.

From advanced publishing tools to in-depth audience analysis and competitor listening capabilities, Fedica empowers users with the actionable insights needed to succeed in the dynamic world of social media. If you’re looking for a powerful and innovative social media management platform, Fedica is certainly worth considering.