Social Media Gone Professional

It is with no doubt that social media usage has been on a rapid incline over the years. With constant growth in users, social media sights have advanced their services. Where once just focusing on individual functions such as networking or image sharing, social media sights have now expanded into multifunctional services. Live streaming, shopping and social audio, are just a few of the functions that social media platforms have expanded on and will only continue from there.

The popular social networking service, X (formerly Twitter), has been a top leader when it comes to the emergence of trends. Their current launch of X for Professionals gives users a more enriched service by offering additional professional tools that are not offered to regular users. The new function caters to the advancing world of social media careers and marketing where X has now made it easier than ever to promote, feature, and shop on businesses, creators, publishers and developers accounts.

It is becoming easier than ever for users to showcase content and enhance their online presence. Professional profiles enable users to have a more defined way to present their account online with two new features:

  • Professional Identification: Indicates that a profile is professional and showcases what kind of profession they identify as
  • Profile modules: Allows users to share what is most important to them

The beginning of professional profiles began April 2021, where the “About Module” was released. Since then, the newsletter module, Revue, and the Shop module, have been created in alignment with Twitters efforts around accessible shopping.

Although the tools offered to professional accounts are only to a small range of users, Twitter is working towards expanding their markets to bring these features to everyone.