Tweet Reach Shut Down: Whats the Alternative?

Despite their large user base, Union Metrics (formally Tweet Reach) has transitioned their platform to “Listen, powered by Brand watch”. This unexpected switch has now ended their free offering for hashtag analysis, as well to their more affordable hashtag analysis plans. If you are one of the affected users, Fedica hashtag analysis tool can be a great alternative that continues to be a free and affordable option!

Fedica is the straightforward analytics publishing platform that allows you to measure the reach of tweets for any hashtag or keywords. In addition to basic stats offered by other tools, our analysis comes with demographics insights based on our own proprietary AI algorithms to help you get a better understanding of the audience participating in the conversation!

Check out Fedica “Listen and Explore” where you can gain insight to ANY topic at ANY time! With the Analyze hashtags and keywords function, users have the ability to identify and analyze relevant topics down to city level. Dive deep into the Twittersphere by searching hashtags and keywords that will display on an interactive map for further insight. Learn what is relevant by location and view your tweets as they travel through the universe and view individual or group activity of tweets with tweet reach. For further insight, Fedica offers hashtag tracking that is available in the enterprise plan.

But Fedica’s analysis doesn’t just stop with analyzing tweets,  we go even deeper with our “Community Analysis”, to help you analyze your online community like never before. Go further than ever with your following by understanding, building and managing your audience with even more options that Fedica offers!

For an additional bonus, Fedica also provides you the most advanced tools for publishing on twitter! With our analytics driven publishing and through the use of AI, Fedica helps you target specific segment within your audience, with unique functions such as publishing threads, polls, and tagging photos, which can’t be found on most other publishing platforms.

Get back to understanding your digital community and managing content accurately with our easy-to-use platform that is cost effective! Gain even better results through deep analysis to help you stand out on social media.

Try us out today!