How to Turn Followers into Clients

Having trouble making your content turn followers into clients?

We’ve distilled years of invaluable lessons to help you change that.

If you’re posting daily, but the leads aren’t pouring in.

You’re drowning in to-do list of content ideas thinking “this is a waste of time.”

The more you post, the less you seem to get in return.

You got to forget what you know – and start building relationships. ✨

Turn Followers into Clients with the Relationship Building Blueprint:

1. Categorize your audience into cold, warm, and hot leads.

(Most people try selling too much to cold leads)

Cold leads are those who are not familiar with your brand, warm leads are those who have engaged with your content or followed you, and hot leads are those who have expressed interest in your products or services.

2. Engage with Warm Leads since they are more likely to convert into clients.

Like and respond to their comments, share their content, and engage in genuine conversations. This is where you put your friend hat on and get to know people. 

Its not wasting time spending time on one person because they each have 5 friends they will tell about you if they like you.

3. When reaching out to potential clients, personalize your approach as much as possible.

Use information from their profiles to establish a connection and be curious about them. “Treat everyone as if they have a stamp on their foreheads that state ‘make me feel special’,” because they are.

The more expensive your offering, the more time you should invest in customizing your outreach.

4. Your social media content should be tailored to attract and engage cold audiences.

Assume that every viewer is unfamiliar with your brand and focus on providing value, entertainment, and establishing trust.

Minimize overt selling, and instead aim to serve your audience by offering helpful information.

Remember, helpful information does not = the most information.

5. When reaching out to potential clients, never criticize their past decisions or point out flaws.

Instead, highlight the opportunities and progress they can achieve by working with you.

6. Consider offering free resources or services in exchange for contact information.

This allows you to build a pool of warm leads and refine your offerings based on their feedback.

You see lots of these as lead generation (attracting interested people) content asking for people to follow so they can DM you more info knowing you wanted what they offered.

7. Pay attention to the intent behind the queries or phrases used by your audience.

Queries like “social media marketing help my business?” may indicate a lack of awareness rather than someone who knows they want marketing help already.

Phrases like “social media marketing strategies for businesses” may show a higher level of intent and readiness to purchase.

This is mostly for what kinds of blogs you can share to people more ready to buy your service.

8. Consistently create and share high-quality, valuable content that educates, entertains, or inspires your audience.

This helps build trust and establishes your expertise in your field.

Remember, social media followers find you and begin without trusting you. So selling too hard in your content is a turnoff.

9. Identify influencers or complementary businesses in your industry and explore collaboration opportunities.

Guest posting, co-hosting events, or cross-promoting each other’s content can help you reach new audiences and gain credibility.

You can do this easily when you compare audiences for overlap with Fedica!

10. Regularly analyze your social media metrics, engagement rates, and conversion data.

Use these insights to refine your content strategy, identify top-performing formats or topics, and optimize your approach for better results.

If you are not making the right content for your ideal people, or overselling, then the engagement rate lowers and you get less reach.

Remember these golden rules of the Relationship Building Blueprint and you will see a difference soon enough!

If this list helped you, share it on your feed and help others!👇