How does Bluesky work? Pro Tips from Veterans

How does Bluesky Work? 

Bluesky is not just another social media platform; it’s a gateway to giving you more control over your online life. They’re working on something called the AT Protocol, which lets you use the same profile across different social apps without losing connections or content.  

Similar to how updates are decided in the Bitcoin community, Bluesky operates on users agreeing with each other instead of a company controlling its evolution. 

(Tech rant incoming) 

The Fediverse:

Understanding the Fediverse, the interconnected network of social apps, tells us why Bluesky is a thing. ActivityPub, the underlying technology, forms the backbone of platforms like Mastodon. However, Bluesky’s AT Protocol’s main thing is that it makes it easier and less risky to switch platforms, reinforcing user control and mitigating risks associated with centralized platforms. 
The idea of the fediverse is to let you post anything from anywhere, and move your data and followers between apps easier. And that’s the future-focussed vision we share at Fedica, giving you innovative tools first, controlling your growth, and safeguarding your data.  

(Tech rant over.) 

Here’s how to get up to speed with Bluesky today: 

Who’s on Bluesky? 

Welcome, newskies! Bluesky has a diverse user base, including notable figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Neil Gaiman. Initially dominated by artists, politically liberal voices, and marginalized communities, Bluesky has evolved into a vibrant community where individuals freely express themselves without fear of persecution. 

What’s Bluesky’s Vibe? 

Bluesky cultivates a relaxed and informal atmosphere reminiscent of Twitter’s early days. While users share their passions and anecdotes, the community maintains a supportive environment, fostering creativity and encouragement. 

Does Bluesky Work like Twitter? 

Bluesky offers a familiar user experience to Twitter with notable differences. The absence of advertisements, coupled with a more forum-like structure, distinguishes Bluesky from its counterparts. Additionally, the platform prioritizes user-generated content dissemination over algorithm-driven visibility. 

How to Get Noticed on Bluesky: 

Interacting with fellow users and sharing engaging content are pivotal to getting attention on Bluesky. Because there’s no algorithms feeding you content, users have to act like a community and share things, follow people and reply!  

Building connections, creating custom feeds, and fostering meaningful engagement to amplify visibility and facilitate organic growth is the big difference – but that’s real isn’t it? 

How to Grow Your Bluesky Account: 

Consistent posting, diverse content creation, and leveraging scheduling tools like Fedica are critical to grow your Bluesky presence. Scheduling posts will keep you active and let you organize your content to experiment with what your community likes.  

You can schedule your Bluesky posts for free using Fedica, which also offers unlimited drafts and new features being added, like scheduling Bluesky threads that post over time.

You can still manage your other social media networks because we support crossposting to many platforms. With features like custom Alt-text, scheduling with automatic link cards added, customized posts for each network, and a color-coded content calendar with separate timings.

Engaging with like-minded users and embracing Bluesky’s unique community culture further enhances your outreach efforts.

How do People Find Posts on Bluesky? 

Bluesky’s discovery mechanism now has hashtags! Previously, Bluesky relies on crafting posts with relevant keywords and emojis to increase visibility and facilitate engagement within thematic feeds who take in those keywords. 

Do Hashtags Work on Bluesky? 

Bluesky now has hashtag support as of late February 2024. Users can discover content based on keywords and thematic feeds and now hashtags.

Does Bluesky Have Trending Topics? 

Although Bluesky doesn’t feature official trending topics, users can access feeds curated by third-party accounts to stay up to speed with popular discussions and trends. 

Can People on Bluesky See Your Likes? 

Likes on Bluesky are private on the app and desktop but are still accessible only through third-party apps. So, while they are not shown on your profile, all your likes are public data that can be found as of February 2024. 

Can You Make Lists on Bluesky? 

Bluesky has public, shareable lists which can become feeds and moderation lists to enhance user experience. These features empower people to curate personalized feeds and mitigate disruptive behavior effectively, but as of now, there are no private lists. 

Is Bluesky Worth It? 

Despite its benefits and even downsides, joining Bluesky is a great investment for your social media strategy because people are genuently acting like a community there, so there is an opportunity to really get to know your community as a brand or small business, and especially as a creator of any kind.

Also, it doesn’t cost you more work because you can already schedule posts easily to other platforms with Fedica. So even though its still in its infancy and needs time to evolve, the opportunity of building your audience in a platform that you control means the growth you put time into is not a risk compared to older centralized, legacy social media platforms that change and are at the whim of other sociopolitical factors.

Bluesky Tips: 

  • Customize your home feed preferences to customize your Bluesky experience. 
  • Explore thematic feeds and lists to discover relevant content. 
  • Follow users following the people you like, engage with them with replies and reposts because there is less algorithmic feeds doing that for you. Plus, your people will love that.
  • Search for keywords you’re into to find specific content, or follow feeds that also use keywords to group posts.
  • Embrace Bluesky’s unique culture and features while respecting community norms and guidelines. 
  • Do not interact with trolls and malicious actors. There’s no algorithm in place to promote or share their content. Engaging with them only amplifies their presence on everyone’s timelines. It’s best to block them and deny them any attention.

By embracing Bluesky’s ethos of decentralization and user empowerment, you contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive online community without the risks of older social media owners, algorithms, or other changes that can hurt the time you spent building your community in the first place. Your community in Bluesky can be taken to future Fediverse platforms. Finally, schedule your posts across all major platforms with ease to expand reach and build a community across platforms now!