What to tweet on Twitter (now X) for your business

You NEED to know what matters to your followers if you want to be engaged.

You can’t keep track of all of your X (formerly Twitter) followers all of the time, keep in mind, your X stream is of those that you are following and not your followers, but Fedica tells you what matters to them right now with our simple at-a-glance Action Report!

We have broken down this analyses into three parts – here they are with some screen-caps taken from an example account Action Report.

  1. Keywords and hashtags being used by your followers:What are your Twitter Followers Talking About
  2. What’s trending where it matters to you – avoid having to go and look at each important city or country separately with our master list!What is Trending Where Your Twitter Followers LIve2
  3. Recent tweets from your influential followers – we find tweets that might matter to you from your followers with the most followers:Influential Twitter Followers
Imagine having this information at your fingertips anytime you wanted it? 
Check out the Fedica Action Report to find out about your followers!
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