The Fedica Intelligent Publishing

This is where your Twitter action begins.

So much is happening so fast on Twitter and it’s easy to get lost in it all, but the Fedica new Intelligent Publishing will keep you focused on what matters every day.

1. What happened yesterday? 

Instead of having to go to multiple sources to discover your change in your audience and assess your performance, we bring all of this information to you in a simple, attractive format, including:

  • Who followed or unfollowed you
  • Your personalized Interaction Score, meant to measure the impact of your tweets
  • Your tweet count and top tweets
  • Your Interaction Score graph

2. What is happening today?

You can’t keep track of all of your Twitter followers, but Fedica can put your finger on the pulse of your audience and find out what matters to them right now including:

  • What your Twitter followers are talking about right now.
  • What’s trending where it matters to you.
  • Recent tweets from your influential followers.

3. Action time

Publish your content using the data provided.

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