When Is The Best Time to Tweet?

Knowing when our followers are listening is very crucial to any social media effort, we obviously don’t want to Tweet when our followers are not online or when they are sleeping!

But when is the best time to tweet? we often hear determined answers, “it’s 12:00pm!” or some other time published in a study conducted on a set of accounts. But in reality, the Twitter user base as a whole is not representative of your own followers; your audience might be at work or school during certain hours, or you may have a diverse international following, and their listening habits are different as they span the globe. This means that the best time to tweet for an account is unique to that account.

Another important factor to consider is that the optimal Tweeting times change over time; think that your audience might change their Tweeting habits between summer and winter, or that the demographic composition of your followers changes as you gain more and more followers. So the best time to tweet for YOUR own followers is a dynamic schedule and not a rigid one.

There are many ways to solve this problem, you can for example look at where your followers live then figure out when is the best time to reach them with your tweets, you can use the times when they engage with your content the most, or what time they go on Twitter to read your tweets.  You can use one or more of these factors to build a tweet calendar and plan your tweets for the next week or month, then tweet at the most optimal times.

But we often have more than a single Tweet in a day! Thus we need a dynamic Tweet calendar to tells us what are the best times at any giving day and have this calendar update when our followers’ habits change over time, so make sure that you frequently update your tweet calendar.

Have a look at our Best Times to Tweet function which helps you achieve this with little effort, it uses multiple signals to help you know the optimal times to reach your followers and provides you with a blueprint (that changes dynamically over time) to build an optimal Tweet calendar.

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