Data driven Tweet Scheduler and Calendar

Publishing engaging content usually requires multiple stages, it starts with finding relevant and engaging topics, writing the content, then publishing it to the audience. However, we all have busy schedules and can’t Tweet enough content to keep our audience engaged 24/7. So the planning process usually involves writing different content pieces ahead of time then publishing them over a period. This is when a tweet scheduler comes in handy: it allows you to schedule your tweets in the future.

There are plenty of tools that allow you to post your tweets in the future, but they all require a lot of manual often tedious work. That’s why we decided to use our analytics prowess to build a tweet box that makes the process straightforward, effortless – yet effective. In addition, it is all in one tool!

At it’s core, our tweet box allows you to build a content calendar by posting tweets in the future, so that your content is spread over a week/month.

As you start scheduling more tweets in the future, your calendar starts to build up, and you can see which days you need to schedule more content to keep your followers engaged on those days.

You can periodically review your tweets calendar and update it as you see fit.

And while the Tweet calendar makes it easy to spread your content over multiple days, finding the best hours to tweet within those days is challenging and can be time consuming. This is where our Tweet Scheduler comes into play.

The Tweet scheduler allows you to define certain hours of the day in which you would like your tweets to be posted on any given day. You can also let us remove the guess work by selecting “Optimized”, which means that we will find the best hours to tweet to your followers at the given day – and automatically select those hours for your tweets. (This function – known as Best Times to Tweet –  is only available to paid accounts).

Tweet scheduler

The scheduler is very intelligent, it will take into consideration the available hours and how much content you have scheduled on that day, and then spread your content for maximum engagement. You only need to setup your hourly schedule once, and it will be used in the future to select the optimal hours for your Tweets. Essentially reducing the scheduling workflow into two clicks. You still have to write the Tweets of course 🙂

You can also schedule your tweets from our Intelligent Publishing dashboard with the exact workflow described above, where you can use our suggested topics, and schedule your content all in one place.

Let us know what you think of our Tweet Scheduler and if you have any suggestions please share them below!

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