You Can Do Better than “Thanks” and “Sincerely” to Sign Off Your Email – Here is How

Are most of us so used to nothing interesting coming after the last line of the email body that we don’t bother reading the sign-off? And in turn, do we then put minimal effort on our sign-offs by using the same tired ways to close an email because we figure no one is paying attention to them either?




How often have you used any of these to sign off on an email? Is there a right or wrong way? Are there alternatives to those overused and lackluster sign-offs? Does it matter how we close our emails; is anyone even taking notice?

By not putting more thought into how we close our emails, we may be losing the opportunity to make ourselves really stand out. A powerful email closing complemented with a personalized sign off can be memorable and give the email recipient a reason to look at your email again, reconsider your points, or prioritize coming to a decision simply because they felt you made an effort to get their attention.

And leaving an impact is especially important if you’re hoping to collaborate with someone or want to get the positive attention of someone you respect in the industry. In business, a personalized sign-off may have the power for your requests to get prioritized or help you forge a better relationship that builds trust and loyalty.

But before we dive into some great alternatives to those overused email sign-offs, let’s start with what we think are the worst ways to close an email. The following should only be reserved for when you are emailing family or friends. There’s a time and place for cheeky and funny email sign-offs. They should never be used in a work-related email regardless of how close you are with your colleague.

While we can all agree that the absolute worst way to close an email is with nothing at all, using the following 18 are equally terrible ways to close a business-related email:

  1. Love
  2. Lotsa love
  3. Faithfully yours
  4. XOXO
  5. Love and light
  6. Kisses
  7. Warm hugs
  8. Adieu
  9. Namaste
  10. Toodle-oo
  11. Ciao
  12. Yolo
  13. To infinity and beyond
  14. May the Force be with you
  15. Live long and prosper
  16. [animated GIF]
  17. [meme]
  18. [emoji]

If you’re guilty of using “thanks,” “cheers,” and “best” to sign off all your emails and even have it as part of your saved signature template along with your name and contact details, then it’s time to have a look at these alternatives:

  1. Speak soon
  2. Pleasure catching up
  3. Appreciate your time
  4. Give me a call whenever you’re ready
  5. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone if you have any concerns
  6. Thanks for hearing me out
  7. Keep me in mind
  8. Stay tuned
  9. Until next time
  10. Pleasure meeting you
  11. Drop me a line if you have any questions
  12. Looking forward to your reply
  13. Great working with you
  14. Enjoying our collaboration
  15. Anticipating your critique
  16. Keep me updated

Are you emailing a prospect in the hopes to collaborate on a project? Here are some excellent ways to sign off an email that emphasizes how much you are looking forward to either working with an influencer or another brand in cross-promotion scheme:

  1. Excited for this opportunity to partner with you
  2. Looking forward to working with you soon
  3. Excited for this chance to work with you
  4. Looking forward to a future collaboration
  5. From someone eager to work with you

We know we said that being too sassy or humorous should be avoided. However, sign-offs don’t have to be void of emotions or character. You can be witty but still have class. If you are the creative sort and emailing someone from your niche, it only makes sense to stay true to yourself and close an email with personality.

  1. Regards from a fellow bookworm/tech geek/newbie/fanatic
  2. From one enthusiast to another
  3. Looking forward to picking your brain
  4. Anticipating your reply with excitement
  5. Your mentorship is appreciated
  6. Let me know what your brilliant mind thinks

Personalizing your sign off is a great way to breathe life into an email and keep it from being too stuffy. These sign-offs work when your email isn’t entirely formal or may just be a simple catch up email:

  1. Cheers to a productive week ahead
  2. Have an amazing Monday
  3. Enjoy your weekend
  4. Have a splendid day
  5. Hope you enjoy the rest of Humpday Wednesday

Is your email meant to compliment, congratulate, or express gratitude? Here are some better and more sincere ways to close your email than just saying “thanks.”

  1. With gratitude
  2. Massive congratulations
  3. Thanks for thinking of me
  4. Humbled by your guidance
  5. To your continued success
  6. Thanks for inspiring me
  7. Thank you for your time
  8. Thank you for your unwavering support
  9. Your help has meant so much

In business, you’ll write quite a lot of professional emails. And because they’re for partners, customers, prospects, or respected leaders in your industry, you should be mindful of closing your email with respect.

These sign-offs are when you need to close an email in a semi-formal or formal manner. You want to avoid being too casual. And these are also go-to sign-offs for when you are emailing someone for the first time and don’t want to appear to risk offending them with a presumptuous sign-off.

  1. Respectfully
  2. Best Regards
  3. Thank you
  4. Looking forward to your response

In business, you need to breathe your personal brand into everything you do and touch. Your brand extends far beyond your social media posts, your blogs, and how you present yourself at networking events. It can be seen in the smallest details such as how you look people in the eye when you greet them and even how you close an email.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to wrap up an email besides using the conventional and worn out farewells. And the biggest lesson to take away from all of this is that don’t miss the opportunity to leave an impression, make an impact, or even brighten up somebody’s day.