3 Effective Steps to Grow Your Community on Twitter (now X)

Building a vibrant community on X may seem difficult at first, but there are 3 effective steps that help you build your community and increase their engagement:

1. Schedule your posts:
There is nothing better than immediate engagement with your community on X, however, we are not all able to be on X every single hour of the day. Planning posts ahead and scheduling them to be sent when your followers are most active on X guarantees improvement in engagement within your followers. More importantly, you will gain new followers that are interested in the topics you post about.

2. Follow the right accounts:
Having a community that is interested in what you post about is far more important than just the follower count, following accounts indiscriminately is not only a form of spam, it will pollute your timeline with irrelevant posts, and waste your time. The best way to build your community is to find accounts that are interested in the topics you care about. This will not only improve the posts you see on your own timeline, but will also increase conversations and engagement with accounts that are interested in what you have to say.
Fedica’s Search & Explore function can help you discover interesting accounts, ideally you start by finding accounts with certain words in their profile that match the demographics of your ideal account (e.g. engineer, teacher etc), enter as many keywords as you can think of, then look at the list and follow the interesting accounts. You can also search for accounts that post certain hashtags or words.
PRO tip: If you use X ads, you can also build your ideal audience for your campaign on Fedica and export it to X’s tailored audience, allowing you to target them with whatever message you want.

3. Know your most engaged followers:
Measuring engagement helps you assess your effort on X, but you need to go beneath the surface. Your most engaged followers are your brand ambassadors, so it is very important to know who these followers are, what’s their demographics and how to keep them engaged. This is easy to track using Fedica’s engagement dashboard (*premium plans only).

So these are the most effective steps we use to build our own community. Let us know which steps do you use to build your community?