7 Best Content Marketing Blogs That Will Improve Your Content Marketing Skills

Are you just beginning to dip your toes into content marketing and a little overwhelmed by the amount of information out there?

The modern digital marketing arena can be intimidating to the newcomer and traditional marketers pivoting into this new world.

The ecosystem is getting increasingly bigger – more platforms catering to different types of media, and also deeper as availability of data is enabling the proliferation of many layers of analytics tools.

We present a number of resources that truly excel at helping their audience grow their skill set and perform their jobs more efficiently. Enjoy!


What is it: a highly helpful and active community of content marketers that curate up-to-date content related to inbound marketing (which is a term another term for content marketing).

Why you should check it out: Inbound.org is organized into different groups that cover a wide variety of general topics (SEO, social media, content writing) and more specialized topics (design, landing page optimization, SaaS marketing). Inbound.org also frequently hosts “Ask me anything” (AMA) sessions with well known marketers.


What is it: Another community focused site. This one is for growth focused marketers. Up to date curated content and lively discussions. Frequently by many well known marketers.

Why you should check it out: A good source to catch up on the latest blog and articles related to the lastest growth hacking tactics.

QuickSprout Blog

What is it: All about growing traffic for bloggers, created by Neil Patel, who is an expert in growing blog traffic, SEO, social media from growing his startups KISSmetrics and QuickSprout.

Why you should check it out: Undoubtedly one of the best destinations on growing traffic, period. Neil creates some of the most comprehensive and educational materials on content marketing and growth hacking on the web. His guides contain as much information as short ebooks.

Must reads:

How to Be More Productive on Social Media

The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience

The Advanced Guide to Link Building

Ahref’s Blog

What is it: A blog about advanced SEO tactics, with a fair bit of other growth hacking topics (social media etc) thrown in.

Why you should check it out:  Ahref is the maker of backlink analysis tool Site Explorer and as much are experts at SEO ranking. Their blog posts are full of actionable tips to help your site rank better. Perfect for SEO heads looking for more advanced materials.

Must reads: 

90 SEO Experts Talk White Hat Link Building, Outsourcing And Scaling

Buffer Blog

What is it:  Highly helpful blog that publishes tips and guides on how to market effectively on the leading social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram).

Why you should check it out:  One of the best resources on the web on social media tactics and tips. Full of actionable tips that will improve your social media effectiveness.

Razor Social

What is it: A blog dedicated to featuring the best tools to help marketers optimize their social media activities. Curated by Ian Cleary.

Why you should check it out: if you are a data-driven marketer constantly on the look out for tools to help you save time, this is the blog for you!

Rand Fishkin’s blog on Moz

What is it: Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz, blogs about a wide range of entrepreneurship topics – sales, hiring, fund raising and getting through hurdles.

Why you should check it out:  Rand’s self-reflective and transparent posts are always a delight to read. The blog gives wonderful perspectives to entrepreneurs and entrepreneur hopefuls everywhere.

Do you have a favourite marketing resource that you LOVE that isn’t listed here? Let us know!