7 Twitter (now X) Tricks You Should Know About

With more than half a billion posts sent out each day to over 300 million monthly users, it can be challenging to stay relevant and ensure that your posts are getting maximum exposure.

We have a list of X (formerly Twitter) strategies to allow you to maximize your X impact:

1. Say more with a text screenshot

Sometimes there’s just so much more to be said, and X’s 280-character limit makes it difficult for you to get that message across.

So why not say all you need to say on a text application on your mobile such as Notes and take a screenshot. You can then share this image in your post.

2. Speak to a new audience

Your existing fans might get annoyed when you post promotional messages meant for those that you have never interacted with before.

Did you know that you can send a post that would exclude your current followers, allowing you to reach a whole new audience?

Here’s how:

1)    X ads dashboard

2)    Select your objective

3)    Create Campaign

4)    “Select additional audience features.”

5)    Add followers

6)    Uncheck: “Also target your followers.”

3. Understand your followers

Identify your top influencers and monitor what they are talking about. Once you know their interests, you’ll be able to engage more effectively.

It’s also important to know which of your followers unfollow you to help you understand if you should be adjusting your messages and engagement. Know who in your network is not following you back and take action.

You can analyze your network with tools to help you to be smart about building and managing who you follow and who follows you.  

4. Stay on top of your brand

Did you know that you can monitor every time someone mentions your brand, products or even your competitor’s?

Set up a Post Alert and get email notifications as often as you like delivered right to your inbox. Alert criteria could be as simple as a hashtag to something more specific. You’ll be alerted any time someone mentions your name, brand, or product allowing you to stay current on opinions and feedback on your brand or your competitor’s.

5. Embed Posts on your website or blog

X has a built-in embed code which makes it easy for you to share your posts on your website or blog.

Here’s how:

1)    Choose the post you want to share

2)    Click the … icon next to the heart icon

3)    Select Embed Post

4)    Copy the code and paste it into any HTML document

6. Schedule your Posts

You can save time and enhance your engagement by using a Post Scheduler. You can plan your post ahead of time, line them up in a calendar, and edit if required.

You can set the hourly profile and define the hours manually. Or you can allow a calendar to dynamically pick optimized times based on your account’s best time to post with an algorithm which explores your audience’s viewing habits thus finding the best time window to post.

7. Create custom feeds

At one point it will become impossible for you to keep track of all the content you want to see if you are following a few hundred people.

Enter X Lists, which will allow you to create a custom feed of prospects, customers, and influencers you may want to engage with.

You can choose to do this by visiting the X Help Center. Or you can take creating a X list to another level by using Fedica that will segment your audience with a range of filters allowing you to craft direct message campaigns to target them specifically.

Ultimately, you’ll get the best X experience when you and your audience are actively interacting. Check out Fedica for an all-in-one logical workflow to guide your engagements and publishing on X.

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