Beyond the Job – How Twitter (now X) Puts Entrepreneurship Closer Within Your Reach Than Ever

What do these people have in common?

  • Twitch pro video gamers with followings rivalling cable tv programs
  • Health & diet bloggers with large cult followings and booming ecommerce health products businesses
  • Independent music makers, writers and visual artists with large thriving followings that provide them with star-level publicity and opportunities
  • Youtube fitness and beauty stars with their own branded products
  • Independent journalists, bloggers and opinion-makers reporting on every conceivable affair from all over the world

A) They have viable businesses that defy conventional career definitions

B) They have higher marketing influence defined in traditional metrics than even some traditional brands

C) A majority of them have bootstrapped their businesses without significant institutional financial backing

Everyone now benefits from the same factors that contribute to the rise of this new generation of entrepreneurs –  you too can become one of them. 

I. Marketing & communication technology forever altered the economics of entrepreneurship and evens out the competition between David and Goliath

In the old world of marketing, it was expensive to reach a lot of people – print, radio, tv – all of those impressions cost a significant % percentage of revenues! Product business and media businesses alike rely heavily on marketing dollars investments upfront to reach potential buyers.

II. Social media is a low-cost way to reach a large number of people – a game changer for the economics of the marketing function

Now with the availability of free marketing platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), the entrepreneur who wants to break out of the crowd has the same access to the world as the 800lb corporate gorilla.

In the world of social media, it costs practically nothing to tweet – creating tremendous opportunities for people to grab the podium and voice their point of view.

III. Lower cost lowers barriers – leading to eye-watering amount of variety and niches of businesses – all of which is great, great news for consumers and producers

The choices for what we want to read and watch in the year 2015 is bewildering – any desire is fulfilled, any viewpoint is accepted and any common cause can become a community

Why this is the year your start-up could take-off on X

Meaningful, insightful analytics for X has finally arrived which allows entrepreneurs to communicate with tens of thousands of voices around the globe and do marketing with nothing more than a heartfelt message for the world.

The opportunity to cater to every niche by engaging in real time conversations is made available by tools like Fedica’s location aware conversation dashboard, which acts like an intelligent assistant to keep your marketing streamlined, efficient and viable – empowering the entrepreneur to do what used to take 10 people and 7 figure budgets to do.


X is a game changer for business – because it alters the economics of marketing. in the world of social media, it costs practically nothing to building a large audience  – creating tremendous opportunities for people to grab the podium and voice their point of view