#FIFA: Can Soccer Win Against an Entrenched Organization for Real Social Change?

illustration by Mike Trujillo

#FIFA: What does a people’s movement sound like?

The keyword #FIFA has been discussed by over 309 million people around the world on May 28th alone. For city-level drill down of the #FIFA conversation, go to Fedica’s live hashtag map.

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Can #FIFA president Sepp Blatter fight off the onslaught of criticism?

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has told an emergency meeting of football’s governing body he will not quit, amid growing political pressure over a corruption scandal.

Amongst these 309 million conversations around the globe today, “#BlatterOut”, “Qatar”, “#Qatar2022” are amongst the top associated keywords of #FIFA.

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Even head of states of two political powerhouse have gotten involved in this conservation on Twitter.

UK PM David Cameron who urged Mr Blatter to resign while Russian President Vladimir Putin has backed Blatter for a fifth term.

The outcome of #FIFACorruption will change the business of soccer and the lives of millions

Seven top Fifa officials were arrested in Zurich on Wednesday, among 14 people indicted by US prosecutors.

Michel Platini, the head of Uefa, the European football governing body, had asked Mr Blatter to resign after the crisis talks in Zurich, which involved heads of the six international confederations. The president refused.

Mr Platini later said that if Mr Blatter were re-elected, Uefa might have to discuss its relations with Fifa.

Who are the loudest voice in this movement?

We followed the city-level Tweet stream and found some of the loudest voices in London, UK.Not surprising afterall, perhaps, considering how much they love football.

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For more on the ongoing movement, check out CNN’s detailed #FIFAQ.