Don’t Auto DM Your Followers, Converse With Them Instead

UPDATE: Due to Twitter’s rule changes, we have stopped offering the DM campaign function since sending DM in bulk is no longer allowed according to Twitter’s new rules. However, the rest of this blog still applies, in terms of listening to your followers and reaching the right segment and conversing with them, it just has to be done one at a time.

If you have an automatic DM to welcome new followers, please turn it off right now, and consider the following approach of conversing with DM instead of spamming your followers.

Some basics first: the Twitter DM function is one of the least used features in Twitter. But consider the potential: (a) your followers have made a conscious decision and choice to follow YOU, (b) you have a tool at your disposal to reach individuals and business directly without any character limitation, and without possibly getting drowned in many other tweets vying for the attention of your audience.  Yet you are not leveraging this powerful tool!  Perhaps it is because you have not yet found a “workflow” and situations where it can help engagement with your audience in a targeted fashion without spamming them, or perhaps it is too time consuming to deploy and manage.

Now there is a better way: Fedica has augmented the Twitter DM tool with a set of analytics and easy workflow that will make you reconsider the Twitter DM.

Here is a three step guide to how you can leverage the Fedica DM campaign tool and make Twitter DM to work for you!

1.0 Consider your target audience

First consider your objective and the sub-segment(s) within your followers that you want to engage. Are you planning a tour or a lecture in a single city or multiple cities? You probably want to reach the folks in those cities (to start with). Is there a certain demographics you want to reach? Particular professions among your followers? Is your campaign gender specific? Fedica’s powerful analytics deciphers your audience, and you can then apply filters to narrow down and zoom-in on the most relevant sub-segment of followers for this particular campaign. Your DM will reach that target only; if you are planning a concert in London (and you applied the right filters), your audience in Toronto will not be bothered by your message.


2.0 Craft relevant messages, schedule and execute

Now that you can truly zoom-in on your sub-segment of your followers, you should also come up with the sharpest and most focused message you can; you need not be generic anymore, wishy washy, or compromise to cater to all your followers. You have defined a tight sub segment; make sure your message is as tight and relevant: make it conversational, specific, state the venue, the promotion, when will you be there, etc. Your audience would love to hear specifics vs. most messages that are cloudy or generic. Write your message along with any url and define the rate of messages to be sent per day – the Fedica platform will then populate the name of the account to send to, and send it automatically to the defined segment. With Fedica’s DM tool, you can plan and execute multiple campaigns over any period of time! Say you are a brand with product launches in multiple cities, or a performing arts band planning a continent or global tour, a lecturer giving a number of talks, a politician or NGO planning a campaign over a few months. Design and line up the DM campaigns in Fedica’s tool, and see it get implemented in front of your eyes (so to speak). You can also update the campaign and messages at any time. And when done, you will get a short email packed with relevant stats.


3.0 Start Conversing

Beautiful. You have set the campaign free (scheduled and let it go). It is going out to your defined targeted audience at the rate and schedule you have defined. Now your audience is starting to reply, and considering the targeted nature of your DM there will be many replies! Fedica will manage the whole process for you. A simple “inbox” where you can converse with individual responses in a one-to-one fashion is available. You can follow-up and converse with your audience in a straightforward and manageable way.


Simply put, the Twitter DM tool has just become focused, easy to use and manage, and generally much more engaging and meaningful.