The Advantages of Social Scheduling for Business Content

When it comes to the world of social media, time is of the essence. Imagine you’re pouring your heart out on Twitter in a long series of tweets about your business. However, it’s 10 AM – no one is on, so no one hears any news updates from you.

While this may be a minor inconvenience on social media, businesses fall into this mistake constantly and it kills their engagement and visibility. When businesses post tweets outside of high-traffic times, they run the risk of never seeing this content get off the ground. Why? Some Twitter users may go through their timeline, but most won’t retweet content if it’s buried hours deep on their timeline.

This sort of mistake works against any kind of business tweeting – from using Twitter to find clients or build a personal brand. The solution? Instead of posting tweets when you happen to be online, use a social scheduling tool to make sure your content is going out when it should.

The Fedica Tweet Scheduler

We at Fedica have been fine-tuning our scheduling system to make sure it works for all businesses who want to post content at the most valuable times for their audience. The process is simple – first, set up an hourly profile. Either pick the hours you want to tweet manually, or use our dynamic optimization option. This chooses hours for your Twitter posting based on the “Best Times to Tweet” profile for your account as calculated by Fedica’s powerful algorithm.

The Advantages of Social Scheduling for Business Content 2

If you don’t like the hours we set, or want to change the hours you set for yourself, simply edit to hours that work better for you and your business tweeting. It’s that simple. From here you can choose the days you want your content posted and the frequency of repetition of the content you have lined up. You can come back and edit if necessary.

Most importantly, Fedica’s tweet scheduler is easy to use. We hide all the complexities so anyone can use this tool to schedule their content. Compare our tool with those put out by Hootsuite and Buffer. You’ll find that our tool is much more comprehensive, easy to use and driven by the Best Times to Tweet profile of your own account, giving users more time to get things done and impactful content posting options.

Why Scheduling Is So Important

You’ve heard a little bit about why scheduling is vital for businesses – you don’t want to post content when no one is on to view it. However, the perks of content scheduling are more than just increasing visibility.

  • Content scheduling saves you time. Instead of working around the clock to make sure you post content at the best time, you can load up 100 tweets (or more) into a content calendar system and take your hands off the wheel.
  • This also means a more effective social media operations. If you originally had people working countless shifts to update social media posting, a content calendar system helps focusing your talented social media folks on what really counts: creating valuable content, planning the campaigns, engaging your audience and more.
  • A tweet scheduler helps your campaign planning and management. Instead of just posting whenever, a content calendar ensures that your tweets are put out at specified times and at a particular frequency. You can plan your posts ahead of time, line them up in the calendar, and edit if required as the campaign progresses.

Now that you know how to schedule your content and why using a tweet calendar is so important for your business, the answer is clear. Try out the Fedica scheduling tool and put your mind at ease.