How the #IncredibleIndia Twitter (now X) Campaign Became a Massive Rally For Indophiles Across the Globe

Indophiles, unite!

India. Uttering the word alone evokes images of vibrant colours and an irresistible spiritual magnetism. A civilization that epitomizes how the ancient can coevolve with the modern – this uniqueness is truly visible on X (formerly Twitter).

The #IncredibleIndia hashtag on X is a massive success, reaching 483 cities across the globe with a reach of 236 million people.

The #IncredibleIndia hashtag report is live here

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From chatter to full blown movement

The conversation really picked up when Prime minister Modi joined the X campaign – his tenure has been marked with an outspoken approach on X that is modern, refreshing and reminds us all that India is an ancient intellectual and cultural powerhouse that is every bit as relevant in the modern era.

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Look at all these destinations and cultural treasures!

Within hours X was awash in people exchanging excitedly their fond memories of the country.

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Did the campaign make you want to pack up and travel? You are not alone!

In an era where institutions are just beginning to experiment with utilizing the power of X to evoke responses and engage a global audience, there is a lot that can be learned from Prime Minister Modi’s modern approach. 

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