How to Level Up Your Twitter (now X) Character

Which one of the archetypes are you? Based on what you are, we recommend some starting items for you. ENJOY!

The Newbie

New people are signing up to social networks every day. The newbie learns the lay of the land by consuming vast amounts of content potions. With enough consumption of content and many hours logged on the social network of their choice, they level up and go on to become Actives Ones.

Strength: Curiosity + 5, Link click-through rate + 5

Beware: Do not presume the Newbie to be a young person, the opposite is often true.

Must have item: The starter pack item Fedica: Follow & Unfollow management gives you + 5 effectiveness to the skill “Group Forming” right out of the tutorial level. All newbies can gain this item for $0 gold.

The Active Ones

To the Active Ones, the social network is a prime habitat for obtaining nourishing new information about the world they live in and a global digital playground to mingle with the other Active Ones. Sociable, always-conscientious and open minded, the Active Ones are the pillars of any social network and form the bulk of the population on X (formerly Twitter).

Strength: Log-in rate frequency +50%; size of social group + 50 to 1000

Weakness: Sanity meter decreases quickly to 0 in areas with poor WiFi coverage

Item Recommendation: Follow/Unfollow  is a must at this level given the size of their social group. Also consider using the rare item Follower Analytics which grants +50 to insight to your actions and their effects on your following, for a few gold.

The Mega-Phone

One of the most recognizable breed of X users, these veterans believe in the timeless rule that repetition is the key to converting others to their points of view. Often coming from fields such as journalism, blogging or traditional marketing roles, they are tireless champions of ideas and institutions.

Strength: frequency of posting + 10, message reach + 50%

Must have item: the rare item Conversational Topic Map gives + 50 to speech effectiveness when speaking to your followers.

The Obsessive-Compulsive Data Head

A small group of venerable gurus in any social network, the OCDH is a master of his/her domain because they are always looking for an edge –  in data. The search for optimality is a not a hobby for these thoughtful and studious users, it is a chosen way of life.

Strength: + 100% to all activity effectiveness.

Weakness: Addicted status to third-party analytics tool.

Where to find them: Fedica office, web discussion forums

The Informers

One of the most valuable species of X users. The Informers understand that information is the currency in social media and they are always the first to spot something interesting and pass it on – therefore earning a ton of followers and fans.

Strength: +100% to rare item & news find

Must have Item: Fedica Hashtag & Keyword Search is a place where the Informers can discover new information traveling around the social network. The rare item Conversational Topic Map (+ 50 to speech effectiveness) is also a must have when speaking to your followers.

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  1. Interesting. My category, Once in a While (not far off from Once Upon a Time), was not listed. So sorry. I think it probably has something to do with I’m skeptical and need to be convinced that social media isn’t a complete waste of time.

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