15 YouTube Marketing Statistics You Should Know

The 21st century is all about digital advancement, and it’s product consumption that’s changing faster than we can keep up (well, for the most part). Unlike our parents who used to gather around the TV and gasp over their favorite TV personalities, we are now growing virtual communities that are tailor-made to fit our momentary desires and requests.

Not that long ago, the first YouTube video was uploaded. To be precise, it was April 23, 2005 (approximately 13 years ago) and, judging by the stats; it has been watched over 45 million times. The content was, well, dull: a man observing elephants’ long trunks at the zoo. A lot has changed since 2005 regarding YouTube content: things have gotten way more sophisticated, exciting and informative, offering content on virtually any topic imaginable. YouTube has grown to be an essential social platform, communicating the mishmash of visual, verbal and melodic.


Is YouTube Good for Business?


Interestingly, even though considered an entertainment platform, YouTube has proven very useful for marketers, too. Allowing business people to post content relevant to their firms, YouTube is actively giving them the opportunity to brand themselves while developing a loyal subscriber base that actively searches and shares video content online. It is not unusual to have entrepreneurs base entire businesses on their YouTube presentations (aka vloggers) which have grown to be one of the most effective YouTube business strategies in the 21st century.

Here are some YouTube user statistics you may find interesting:

  • There are over 1.5 billion users on YouTube today, and growing by the day
  • YouTube’s number of users is second to Facebook
  • YouTube has offices around the world, in 88 countries and offers support for 76 languages
  • Millennials are “obsessed” with YouTube, ranking it the only network after Facebook Messenger they’d have a problem giving up
  • Even 86% of Millennial dads use YouTube for parenting guidance
  • Over 1.5 billion YouTube videos are watched by the generation X daily


What Are the Most Relevant YouTube Usage Statistics I Should Know?


Summed up, here are 15 YouTube facts to remember:

1. The Best Videos Rack up Millions of Views

In 2017, the ten top-viewed videos collectively combined over 630 million views. In case you were wondering, this is more than 40 million hours of viewing time.

2. Self-Directed Learning Rules

Studies suggest that about 70% of YouTube viewers use the platform for learning. Some use YouTube to solve a problem with school, work, or hobbies, while 86% use YouTube to learn new things such as cooking recipes, car-related issues, interesting history facts, etc. It appears that YouTube Entertainment comes second to YouTube Learning.

3. YouTube is used to get News

Regarding the social sites and their usage, YouTube ranks only behind Facebook. Most American adults are in the habit of using YouTube to get their news, as their favorite “informative social media site.”

4. It’s by Far the Multimedia App Leader

In the U.S. alone, YouTube app is used by approximately 68% percent of the U.S. citizens. YouTube is their preferred online video provider.

5. YouTube Is the Second-Highest Ranked Website Worldwide

YouTube comes second after Google and ranks as one of the “top 500 sites on the web”.

6. AI Is Pulling Viewers In

YouTube’s artificial intelligence algorithms play a significant role in building YouTube customer base; research shows that over 70% of the time, users watch videos that are recommended by the site.

7. Mobile Views Are the Majority

An average mobile viewing session is longer than an hour with over half the YouTube views coming from mobile devices.

8. TV Usage Is Up

YouTube is used for watching a range of content (from music videos to tutorials and movies), encouraging people to watch their favorite YouTube channels hooked on a big screen. The estimate is that more than 100 million hours of YouTube videos are viewed on a TV, daily.

9. Copyright Is Serious Business

More than $2 billion is paid out to Content ID rights holders to identify videos using copyrighted material.

10. The Highest-Paid YouTube Star Earned $16.5 Million Last Year

According to Forbes, the top 10 highest-paid YouTube stars combined earned $127 million.

11. More Than Half of U.S. Marketers Run YouTube Video Ads

It appears that about 51% of U.S. marketers run YouTube video ads while 62% say they plan to join the ad family in the next 12 months. In summary, this is close to a quarter of digital ad spend.

12. The Six-Second Rule

The first two quarters of 2017 saw a rapid increase in the number of customers using ads, with the number increasing by 70%. It makes for a third of YouTube’s large advertising customers. According to YouTube’s statistics, short ads do indeed work.

13. People Pay More Attention to Ads on YouTube than on TV

Google released a study that showcases YouTube users pay more attention to the ads on YouTube than those on TV. When it comes to paid YouTube ads, even 83% percent of viewers find interest in the ads they see.

14. Value for Both B2B and B2C

YouTube plays a significant role in B2B and B2C marketing given its ranking as one of the top three most valued social media platforms. One research suggests that “it was the only network where the value was perceived to be the same whether marketing to consumers or business.”

15. Marketers Are Confident YouTube Videos Convert to Profit

A large number of U.S. marketers (about 70%) are confident their YouTube videos can lead to purchases if filmed right. An even more significant amount of marketers (approximately 81%) believe their engagement with customers is bound to increase with the use of YouTube.

For all the entrepreneurs on a mission to up their business game, YouTube may be one of the solutions. Correctly used, YouTube can be a phenomenal platform to increase your target audience interest, attract new clients and get yourself branded.

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  1. Hello! Great article and very nice stats! I read it and admit a lot of things I did not know. Thank you for the educational article! But I want to ask you what do you think about buying YouTube subscribers whether they are real and whether they will help me on my channel at all? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Chris,
      Buying subscribers in any shape or form is a bad idea:
      1. It is useless to have subscribers who are not interested in what you have to say.
      2. You risk having your channel suspended

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