7 Google Marketing Tools You Should Start Using Today

Ever heard of Google? You know, that search engine type of thingy, with a colorful logo and 3.5 billion searches made per day? Yes, that same search engine that’s dictating the dynamics of SEO strategizing, blog posting, and our collective approach to web searching? Sure, and the keyword phrasing, too. Well, that same Google may probably be the most powerful influencer of today with a set of Google Business Tools that are insanely valuable for everyone who is a marketer or only likes to use the benefits provided by the Google family.

GMB (Google My Business), Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, Google Suite: Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, Google Trends and other similar, widely-known tools are offered on Google’s silver platter. We’ve rounded up a list of the most vital and effective marketing tools to use in 2018, and help your business stay on Google’s good side.

1. Google Drive


A free online storage service, Google Drive is Google’s way to tell the users it’s time their large-file photos, videos, documents, designs, etc. got a reliable large storage space and stepped away from the traditional email and USB sharing. When it comes to Google Drive, all documents can be stored safely in the cloud, in the free space of up to 15 GB. Nonetheless, Google Drive isn’t only meant to store your files but help you share them with your colleagues, friends or other trusted parties as well. This sharable feature is great for both private and business use, making collaboration easy and changing the game of emailing in the process. So, next time you are trying to send a large design file to someone in your team, forget about those annoying large email attachments and turn to Google Drive for the solution.

2. Google Voice


This fantastic Google feature is making everyday communication easier for everyone who’s using their phones to surf the web (and, who isn’t?). Although currently only available in the U.S., Google Voice encourages the users to create personalized voicemail messages, manage multiple phone lines, and transcribe their voicemail messages easily. Moreover, Google Voice is helping your business measure whether and how useful a phone number on your website is, helping you gain insight into your website users’ behaviors and needs. Include this number on a Contact Us page and see what happens.

3. Google Calendar


If you are on a mission to stay productive and have something actively remind you of the pending tasks in your office and private life, Google Calendar is the thing. Unlike a real-life assistant we get annoyed with easily, Google Calendar is pretty smooth. It will keep you posted on things you’ve specifically outlined you wanted to be reminded of, at a desired time and day. This useful tool is helping you keep track of meetings, get reminded of important tasks to do, share your schedule with others, etc. You can sync all of your email accounts with your Google Calendar to get notifications regardless of where you are logged in, and – if you are using Google Apps for Work for business – your colleagues can have access to your Google Calendar to check coworkers’ meeting availability, book conference rooms and so on. Google Calendar can be shared both internally and externally, meaning – even your freelance colleagues that aren’t in the office with you can access the calendar with your approval.

4. Google FeedBurner


If you are looking to grow your reach, you can do it pretty quickly by allowing your visitors to subscribe to your website content. For all of you who are running blogs on your pages, Google FeedBurner may prove exceptionally useful. Once your Google FeedBurner account is set up and your website visitors subscribe, they’ll be able to receive regular updates about your business via their email, web browsers, or RSS readers. What is more, given the fact subscribers are critical to the reach and growth of a business blog, you want to stay relevant by offering subscription options for your content.

5. YouTube


Ha! Didn’t see this one coming, did you? Yeap, YouTube has been Google’s tool since 2006 and considering how powerful a mediator between the audiences and marketers YouTube is, video marketers can’t afford to ignore it. So, if you don’t already have a YouTube channel that’s up and running, create an account for your business and keep it regularly updated by posting your business-relevant material. Keep the audiences entertained and informed through a series of videos you and your team have made.

6. Google AdSense


Google Adsense goes hand in hand with a YouTube channel, in a way. AdSense makes sense (see what we did there?) for all the marketers that are looking to generate or manage content for a growing internet property but can’t pinpoint ways to earn a few bucks from it. So, how does AdSense work? Simply, AdSense will help you connect with advertisers who want to host ads on channels relatable to their audience. So, when an active advertiser establishes your website, blog or your video channel matches their audience’s interest, “AdSense will place their ad on your property, bill the advertiser, and pay you for hosting it.”

7. Google News


A free news aggregator operated by Google, Google News is processing and selecting news from thousands of news websites and collecting them in one place. Essentially, Google News is letting you stay on top of your business-related news and in doing so amplify your sales and marketing success. Additionally, you can use this news as a trend-alert for things that are already getting traction but could be beneficial and used for your industry and firm.

Depending on your niche, business goals and overall (office) dynamics, chances are – you won’t need to use all Google tools on this list. However, it wouldn’t hurt to explore all Google options you’ve got available, no matter how basic. When used the right way, these Google Tools can help a business be smarter, leaner and way more efficient in customer relationships.

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