Social Media Marketing is Easy When its Mostly Automated

“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.”

Any great social media tool gives you the data you need to understand your audience to make informed decisions that build a strong community. Imagine if everything you create contributed directly to building a loyal relationship with your audience. It is entirely possible when you provide quality content that understands your followers’ pains and experiences.

Sharing your knowledge is a powerful method of showing your value but winning your audience’s engagement takes informed communication, which comes at a cost. The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that blinds us to the inability to communicate with others by thinking they have the experience needed to understand us.

We must simplify what we learn from the perspective of someone learning it for the first time. For example, an experienced driver can’t comprehend why a new driver doesn’t see the danger of driving on the shoulder of a dirt road because they never experienced being sucked into a ditch before.

Therefore, understanding who your audience is and the challenges they go through will let you speak through their perspectives. You must learn everything about them and know how they feel in the moment. So, start by analyzing your followers’ interests and sentiments.

This is where specialized analytics tools will save us from the curse of knowledge.

You’re the expert in what you share with others, and the only way to prove it is by showing them your value by sharing their pains.

Analytics gives you the ability to gather knowledge and learn from audience data, so you make informed decisions on how you engage with your audience. Then, you can measure the impact of these choices to improve your strategy with what affected your followers the most.

Engaging with your audience is easy when you monitor their activity all from one place. Gain an understanding from your account mentions, any keywords, hashtags, and users you choose. We call this Tweet Alerts, which is an automated tool that sends you an organized email of any activity you specify.

This way, you always have an active ear with your followers’ questions, when people talk about you, or however you creatively use the tool. For example, have you ever stayed up all night to post a thread at the perfect time? Automatic Tweet Alerts tell us that many people do, so we can easily let them know that you can schedule your threads for free!

When you listen carefully, you can grow your account by engaging and relating with your community proactively. On top of this, you can use engagement data to measure the impact of your posts. Then, you know which ones had the most influence to inform and improve your marketing tactics. All you have to do is understand what your followers are talking about.

For example, our engagement dashboard revealed that most of our posts in the form of questions received the highest interaction from our audience.

But what really allows our users to thrive on social is that most of this is automated. You can schedule content automatically with RSS feeds for blogs, news, and content relevant to you. If you don’t know what to post, you can schedule quotes automatically without a sweat. A poll showed us the majority of our audience prefers curated social media news over blogs and insights, and our engagement dashboard confirms this is the case:

Lastly, the final way to simplify your life with social media is by automatically finding the right people to build your community. Do this with a custom list by location, gender, professions, number of followers, or search for any keyword in their bio (even excluding people). Then, you can use this data to engage with the influential followers in your niche that will connect you to similar audiences when you collaborate with them. When you can do so much with so little, you’re truly unstoppable.