Cross Posting Instagram Threads, Reels, TikTok, & More

You’re not the only one juggling content across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Twitter, Bluesky, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Mastodon. Start crossposting Instagram Threads text posts and short-form videos to Reels and TikTok, complete with custom text for each platform, all for free.

Crossposting with custom text makes this jumble of tasks easier because you can have one strategy tweaked for each platform. That’s Fedica for you.

And Fedica is more than just a free crossposting Instagram to TikTok, X (Twitter) to Threads, Bluesky to Mastodon tool…

It’s a comprehensive suite of analytics, publishing, listening, and analysis tools designed to streamline your strategy even if you have way too many platforms. With Fedica, you can automate your Instagram posts, save valuable time, and grow a community across platforms.

Strategize with Fedica’s Instagram Posts Scheduler & Analytics

Fedica’s Instagram posts scheduler lets you to strategize, and optimize your ideas across networks like if you wanted to schedule Instagram posts and videos, but also write out the lesson as a thread for people to enjoy no matter what platform they use.

Instagram’s best times to post automatically target your followers’ active best times to post!

Whether you prefer to control your content strategy minute-by-minute or set it on autopilot, Fedica has you covered. Bulk uploading pictures and videos into your drafts, pipeline, or calendar with various schedules will help you save time.

Content Streams for Crossposting Instagram Posts to Other Platforms

Fedica’s Pipeline’s let you color code your calendar with different content that has different schedules.

That means you can measure your customers’ interests by filtering your analytics by topic. By mixing and organizing formats, you can keep your audiences engaged and interested with different ideas.

Advanced Analytics for Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook and Mastodon

Analytics that filters by topic and location makes it so easy to click around and see what’s getting more traction on which platform. That’s because subject and metric filtering shows you your best posts and worst posts not jumbled together leaving you guessing what to post next.

You also get detailed location and occupation demographic reporting, and other features like follower tracking to make more informed decisions around your content.

Build a Relatable Brand When You Crosspost Social Media Content

Understanding the people behind your engagements allows you to create long-term leverage and transform your company into a relatable brand. Group interactions to understand how people respond to various ideas and what types of material elicit which reactions.

The audience insights you get for your favorite networks also let’s you know what kind of content to post on which platform.

Expand Your Global Community with Cross-Platform Follower Analysis

With Fedica, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience on X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook and Mastodon to create effective, lasting messages. Track your followers’ growth, decline, and interests on a city-by-city basis, keeping you informed about your worldwide presence.

Visualize Your Impact with Instagram Followers Map AI

Fedica’s Instagram Followers Map AI allows you to analyze global conversations, visualize your impact, and create targeted content from trending topics in different cities with the most followers.

Drive Better Results with Instagram Follower Demographics

Fedica enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience demographics, driving better results and increasing your ROI.

Save Time by Crossposting Instagram Threads to Twitter, Bluesky & More

Build a following on Threads, Bluesky, Mastodon, X, Instagram, and more without the extra work.

Crossposting on Instagram and other platforms has never been easier with Fedica. So why wait? Start crossposting so you can get your content to everyone no matter where they want to browse!

Strategize and Build Across Platforms with Fedica

Here are some strategy ideas to help you build across multiple platforms:

  1. Define Your Content Pillars
    Share your company’s journey, milestones, and behind-the-scenes content. Post tips, how-tos, and informative content related to your industry. Highlight case studies and testimonials from clients. Share news, trends, and your thoughts on the latest developments in your industry. Encourage audience interaction with polls, Q&A sessions, and engaging questions.
  2. Content Schedule and Pipeline Queues
    Use color-coded queues for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly posts. Schedule posts specific to each platform’s engagement patterns.
  3. Crossposting Strategy
    Customize text for each platform, utilize platform features, and maintain consistent branding.
  4. Community Building
    Engage with followers, partner with influencers and brands in related industries, encourage user-generated content, and offer platform-specific content or incentives.
  5. Analytics and Performance Tracking
    Monitor engagement rate, reach and impressions, follower growth, tweet engagement, impressions, mentions, post engagement, page reach, page likes and follows, toot engagement, visibility, and follower growth.
  6. Calendar Organization
    Use a digital calendar, color-coding, reminders and notifications, and regular reviews to manage your content schedule.
  7. Content Creation Tips
    Batch content creation, repurpose content, maintain visual consistency, and use storytelling techniques to make your content more engaging and memorable.

Look, we all know how insane it is to keep up with a million different socials. But now you no longer have to do it all manually. Grow your community by crossposting Instagram, TikTok, X (Twitter), or wherever else your audience hangs out. And the best part? It’s free.

Your future self will appreciate this for avoiding the hustle of posting the same thing on five different apps.