Five Best Practices for Crafting Incredible Tweets

Many Twitter users don’t fully comprehend the power that the social media site holds. While Fedica offers analytics tools to boost your Twitter experience, the power of the site itself for the purpose of things like brand management and business visibility is remarkable. Utilizing Twitter as a means for growing a business and generating leads can be what takes a business that is stagnating or suffering to putting it on the path to success.

However, this only works when effort is put into the tweets being posted. We offer you powerful suggestions to create more engaging tweets, like insight on what your followers are currently talking about.

1. Don’t underestimate adding images

Social media websites are becoming more and more visual in nature, and you can see this trend also by the popularity of social media services like Instagram and Snapchat. On Twitter, adding an image to the content that you tweet can greatly increase your engagement statistics.

For instance, tweets containing images have an increased engagement of 313%, with a 35% retweet increase alone. The reason is visual content sticks out in the minds of an audience. Images have a more digestible component, and adding them to tweets increases their engagement value.

2. If you use images, use GIFs

No matter if you pronounce .GIF with a hard or soft G, the power of .GIFs on Twitter is incredible. While photos alone increase the engagement potential of a tweet, .GIFs amp up that value even further. .GIFs can add personality to a tweet where a regular image can’t, so use them wisely. These moving images can be plain brand-related images, or even something with a more viral, comical edge.

3. Keep things short and sweet

Twitter has a 280 character limit for tweets. However hard it is to stay within these constraints, try to go even lower to something like 240-250 character tweets as a habit.

Links take up a certain amount of characters. In order to include a link, a tweet must be around 257 characters.

4. Reply when you can

Twitter is a social platform, so you need to utilize it in a social way. We promote solutions that help you boost your engagement, but you have to do some of the work yourself. Fedica provides you information you can use to interact with others on Twitter, but you’ve got to be the one that types out the tweets.

Not taking advantage of the social aspect of social media is a common mistake businesses make. Engaging with others on Twitter boosts visibility and also increases brand credibility. Consumers appreciate businesses with a human edge, and direct engagement gives you just that.

5. Don’t overuse hashtags

Hashtags are a useful tool to utilize when you want to boost visibility and craft better tweets. However, another common mistake is using too many hashtags to try and get onto as many trend lists as possible. To consumers, this looks desperate. The magic number is three hashtags, and using any more than this will turn off your consumer base. We offer clients insight into what hashtags to use, but you still have to use them sparingly.

Lastly, once you drafted your great tweet, don’t forget to Schedule them at Best Times to Tweet for maximum engagement. Twitter is a social media platform that’s incredibly easy to use, but don’t mistake the simplicity of its format for an easy way to succeed. Crafting great tweets on relevant topic and scheduling them for maximum impact takes work, and we’re here to help.

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