How to Turn a Lackluster Twitter (now X) Account into a Social Media Masterpiece

Without the right guidance, it can be hard to turn your X (formerly Twitter) account into something that possesses the “wow factor” necessary to be successful. Many social media users who develop their own business and want to start creating a meaningful business presence on X believe that they’ll succeed, only to find that there are incredible differences between personal social media and the world of utilizing social media for entrepreneurial use.

This gap leads to a business X with very little engagement potential. The only followers it collects are the ones the owner asks for by advertising their business on their personal account. This is a lackluster X that won’t go anywhere without some major renovations.

Luckily, there are concrete ways to make X a social media powerhouse.

1. Always Focus On Intent

Tell us if anything about this situation is familiar to you: someone creates a business account and begins to post, trying to gain followers and increase visibility. The posts don’t include links and sound more like business press releases instead of engaging messages.

Whether you are that person or you’ve seen accounts similar to the above online, the truth is the same for both scenarios – that’s not a good way to grab new followers or boost visibility.

When posting, it’s important to keep three things in mind:

  • X is a social media platform. If you aren’t offering followers, or potential followers, ways to both listen AND speak to you, then you aren’t utilizing the “social” in “social media”
  • X is about being connected, and your content shouldn’t always be geared towards brand advertisement. Create partnerships and relationships by reposting and responding
  • X gives you the opportunity to create a valuable relationship with others, whether consumers or peers. The more you post – based on the idea that you need to add value to other’s timelines – the more you’ll succeed

Also, focus on a mix of live and scheduled posting, which we can help you with the latter. This shows consumers that your intent is two-fold – you want to bring attention to your brand through typical, scheduled content, but you also want to promote value through real-time conversations and trending hashtag use.

2. Become More Social

We’ve already touched on putting the “social” in “social media,” but it’s imperative you understand how to do this in the correct way. It’s great to simply respond to mentions you receive, but how about other, more valuable venues?

Committing to activities like joining in on live chats, hosting Periscope Q&As, creating chats and finding ways to connect with others outside of your circle is how you grow your follower base and build lasting relationships. When you build relationships, you build consumer loyalty. Loyal customers bring in more cash. See how this can benefit your business?

3. Don’t Shy Away From X Ads

Do X advertisements cost money? Yes. But isn’t it true that sometimes you need to spend money to make money? The ROI for X ad space is incredible, and this can become even truer based on finding the right advertisement method for your business.

Potential advertising vehicles through X include promoted posts, promoted trends and promoted accounts. Let’s break these down a little more:

  • A promoted post is a specific post that you want to bring attention to. This can be a sale announcement or a promotional message. This can be one way to gain lots of visibility, but it also feels like an advertisement to most X users who don’t respond well to blatant gimmicks
  • A promoted trend is useful if you have established that a hashtag is gaining traction, but you want to boost its visibility and speed up the process. This ad places the hashtag in X’s trend section
  • A promoted account is great for accounts that already have a good thing going for them, but they want to achieve greatness. When your business account has a decent follower base and you’re putting out quality content, a promotion can boost your visibility even further

Before investing money into your X, though, it’s important that you create a solid foundation to work with. Ads will boost your brand credibility only if your brand has the potential to be credible in the first place.
X for business isn’t just about personal posts and funny memories. While you can inject some personality into a business brand account, the fact remains that it’s still an extension of a business and should be treated like one. When you put effort into your business X, you’ll be rewarded sooner than you think.

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