Instant Twitter Leads: Generate a Qualified List in Moments on X

Are you wondering, “Is Twitter good for leads?” or “How to get Twitter leads?” If so, watch the video below. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to find content buyers on X (Twitter) and build a list of accounts to use as a leads list using Fedica’s Search & Explore tool. X users are … Read more

How to Turn a Lackluster Twitter (now X) Account into a Social Media Masterpiece

Without the right guidance, it can be hard to turn your X (formerly Twitter) account into something that possesses the “wow factor” necessary to be successful. Many social media users who develop their own business and want to start creating a meaningful business presence on X believe that they’ll succeed, only to find that there … Read more

Generating leads on Twitter (now X): a quick guide to finding more prospects

The search for the ideal customer – why it is the most crucial step to your marketing effort If you have ever read a digital marketing message or an ad that made you go: “who’s wasting time & money to sell me something useless like that?” -followed by an immediate delete or scroll-over, then you already know the inefficiency … Read more