How to Generate Leads from your Twitter (now X) Followers

X (formerly Twitter) has proven to be an incredible tool for lead generation. And you’re probably wondering how you can leverage it to generate new leads for your business. X has allowed people to share content at a very rapid rate which is exactly why it’s the ideal channel to provide any business with relevant … Read more

Video: How Your Business Can Do Better With Fedica

You may have had the opportunity to explore our platform a little bit already! Briefly, we offer everything you need to leverage Twitter in a way that it benefits your brand, whether that means increase in conversion, saving costs, meaningful engagement or listening and research. So…what does that mean for you? Our community analysis section … Read more

5 Tips to Impressing Your Boss and Getting Promoted

Is showing up on time at work every day enough to advance us in our careers? Of course not, while having excellent attendance is certainly commendable, it’s not enough. In fact, it’s good to point out that you should be at work every day on time, no less, to begin with. But most importantly, you … Read more

Video: How to See Your Followers’ Location on Twitter (now X)

We know that social media posting is nothing without analytics; it’s like shooting in the dark. Everything we post has to make sense and has to be addressed to our followers. That’s why it’s important to know who our followers are and where they are located. Whether you are an international brand looking to create … Read more

3 Tactics to Try When Working with Influencers

Are you considering working with a social media influencer to promote and market your products and services? In just the past few years, influencer marketing has proven to be an effective way for businesses to reach a wider group of prospects who might be interested in buying their products or services. Influencer, as the name … Read more

How To Be Hot On A Cold Call

  Cold calling. The two words that make the majority of the modern age sales professionals cringe. In fact, most sales professionals would rather text, email, send out a messenger pigeon or smoke signals — whatever it takes to avoid picking up the phone. It’s an ongoing debate that has been taking place for a … Read more

Why You Should Work with Micro-Influencers

Consumers have grown to be more skeptical to straight forward advertising. Instead consumers are turning to their family, friends, and micro-influencers to make recommendations that they feel are much more honest and genuine. What are micro-influencers? Micro-influencers are kind-a small celebrities who have loyal followings on social media. They have meaningful interactions with their followers, … Read more

Effective Twitter (now X) Marketing Tips from the Pros

On X (formerly Twitter), the best users are those who have unlocked the power of how to increase their brand awareness by posting with purpose. Influencers have reached near-celebrity status because they knew how to make the most of X and its ability to build their online presence and invite engagement. Here’s what you can … Read more

Video: How to Use Fedica’s Browser Plugin

Tweet and share content right from where you actually see it, without having to copy-paste or open up another browser window with Fedica’s Plugin for Twitter. For more FREE training on the capabilities and efficiency of the Fedica platform, subscribe to our YouTube channel today!

Video: How to Find Hashtags to Tweet About

Finding the right hashtags and topics to tweet about is crucial to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world-and the society around you. Coming up with impactful and relevant tweets will allow you to connect with your followers, grow your Twitter audience and increase engagement. While most Twitter management platforms will give you … Read more

Measuring Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing has proven to be an effective way to build your brand. And if you’re not leveraging influencers as a part of your marketing strategy, you’re certainly missing out. Influencer marketing focuses on key leaders on social media to drive your brand’s message to a wider audience. With influencer marketing, you’re not marketing directly … Read more

Video: How to Build a Twitter (now X) Calendar

X (formerly Twitter) publishing should not be a manual task and should not take lots of time. Automate your posting while increasing engagement with Fedica’s scheduler that allows you to build a customized calendar that best suits your needs. Schedule your posts at the most optimal times for YOUR account; even build multiple streams of … Read more

Video: Getting Started with Fedica

New to Fedica? Begin exploring the leading intelligence, publishing and listening platform for social media. Get deep analytics of your followers, followers of competitors and trending topics within your target audience so that you can design targeted and cost effective marketing or ad campaigns, and grow your revenue. Use Fedica’s extensive publishing tools to drive … Read more

Tracking and Analyzing Social Media Sentiment

Sentiment analysis is often referred to as opinion mining, and it is the analysis of the attitudes, emotions, and opinions behind a social media mention online. It’s a way to measure the tone of the conversation to determine if the person is generally happy, angry, or even annoyed. By measuring mentions alone, you may be … Read more

Increase Sales Using Audience Research Data and Social Media Advertising

If you are struggling to connect with your customers, you need to optimize your social media marketing efforts to know better who your customers are and which social networks they spend their time on by conducting audience research. Audience research starts with identifying who your ideal customers are. You then need to determine your audience … Read more

A Guide to Using Twitter (now X) Ads for Your Business

X (formerly Twitter) is an excellent channel to drive traffic to your website and generate leads for your business. Leveraging X ads is an easy way to get your posts in front of a larger audience beyond those who already follow you. The following is the process to help you decide between the types of … Read more