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Organize and automate with unique capabilities across 11 platforms

Engagement Analytics

Build your community at lightspeed when every post paves a path forward

Community Analysis & Building

Build and bridge a unified community across social networks


Predict your impact, prove results, & make smarter moves

Unparalleled Publishing

Maximize your brand’s publishing capabilities with an exclusive solution empowering you to break boundaries and stay ahead of the competition while saving valuable time. Our platform offers automation and targeting features that deliver real results setting you apart in your industry.


Intelligent Publisher +

Content Calendar

Attract attention and differentiate your brand with exceptional content capabilities that cater to your community on multiple platforms
Push boundaries using advanced features like scheduling threads, polls, and tagging media
Effortlessly reach your target audience with the right content at the best time, using automatic targeting
Take full control of your content strategy, whether on auto-pilot or down to the second, to ensure your brand message is consistently delivered across all social media platforms


Content Pipeline Streams

Test your content by targeting different regions globally to understand what they want and need around the world
Engage your community by diversifying your content with topics that appeal to various customer groups
Save valuable time by automating and organizing your content while utilizing unique capabilities that capture attention
Gain actionable insights by organizing different types of posts to measure their effectiveness and impact independently


Live Trending Topics

Utilize the power of your community's discussions and emotions to enhance your posts' impact
Maximize your results by hyper-targeting your messages and timing based on trending topics in specific cities
Build a thriving community and expand your reach by engaging with top topics across your entire audience
Seize opportunities by identifying the best and worst-performing cities and who these people are to take immediate action
Live twitter trends analysis

Advanced Analytics fit for Enterprises

Comprehensive AI-powered analytics helps you save valuable time and resources by providing advanced content segmentation, strategic location targeting, filtering options for topics and metrics, and in-depth demographic reporting.


Engagement Dashboard

Expand your business by understanding the preferences of various customer personas worldwide, including their favorite content and topics
Enhance your messaging strategy by analyzing how people react to different ideas and identifying the content that evokes a particular response
Utilize your content as a testing ground for new product and content ideas, creating long-term value
Refine your content strategy by filtering keywords and segmenting demographics to focus on what your audience wants


Content Segmentation

Drive targeted results with your content by understanding what type of content resonates with which audience persona and generates specific outcomes
Enhance engagement, identify new product and content opportunities, and target diverse interests globally
Streamline results with extensive metric reports, filter by topics and demographics, and zoom in on top-performing related topics among certain groups of people
Optimize campaigns by analyzing engagement data to understand which topics resonate with your target audience and adjust your content accordingly


Filterable Metrics

Optimize your content strategy by analyzing engagement metrics and identifying which posts generate the most results. Filter your metrics to gain insights into the specific content types and best performing content
Uncover new opportunities by filtering your posts by keywords, demographics, and other criteria to discover hidden audience interests. Transform these insights into compelling content that resonates with your target audience
Enhance your strategy with interactive engagement analytics and detailed demographic reporting. Identify top-performing and related keywords to streamline your content creation process and save time while generating impactful insights


Demographic Rich Data

Create lasting value by transforming your business into a recognizable brand that resonates with your customers, by understanding the people behind your engagement metrics
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience with demographic insights, discover the topics that resonate with them globally, and understand how they react to various posts
Identify the most engaging keywords used by your followers to inform your content strategy and drive more effective results over time

Community Analysis & Brand Building

Unify your community and connect with followers across social media platforms by leveraging AI-powered tools to reveal new opportunities to build your business and brand


Follower Analysis

Gain vast knowledge about your audience to deliver effective targeted messages that make a lasting impression. Utilize demographic data, popular keywords, city-specific trending topics, top follower topics and more
Develop your customer base on a global scale and track their growth and decline with a focus on city-specific trends and popular conversation topics across the world
Build strong brand affiliations by engaging in conversations with context, understanding which personas are discussing what topics and how they feel about them
Craft messaging that resonates with your audience by understanding what content they prefer and identifying top keywords that generate engagement among specific demographics


Follower Segmentation

Expand your business by creating closebrand connections with follower subgroups through deep data filtering enabling more unique content ideas
Increase your return on investment and harness the power of your audience by dividing them into targeted groups to add new product ideas from a market-first approach
Host successful live events that attract the right prospects by using filters such as active industry professionals, followers from specific cities, talking about particular topics, and more
Attain successful outcomes through precisely-targeted ads and influencer campaigns that reach personas with demographics and interests that match your ideal customers


Real Influencers

Achieve significant impact with your followers by engaging with top influencers who are trusted and have a strong connection with them
Expand your reach to new markets by easily discovering influencers who have a similar target audience as yours but who haven’t met you yet
Maximize your collaborations by identifying the most suitable influencers to partner with based on their successful topics, audience data, and demographics that match your target personas


Followers Map

Gain a global perspective of your impact by examining conversations and using trending topics in different cities with high follower counts to create highly targeted content
Create successful live events and develop more effective strategies for different regions while building genuine relationships with people from various parts of the world
Evaluate your success in different regions of the world and develop a plan for your global impact by analyzing where conversations are happening
Utilize AI to target the appropriate topics to the right individuals in the appropriate context for accurate and precise outcomes


Search and Explore Accounts

Getting new followers is as easy as interacting with the right people who would love your content
Build your community fast by finding all the people who will engage with you in moments
Grow a targeted following with ideal prospects, find leads for your business, and collaborators for more reach
Find accounts by adding keywords they use, words in their profile, their follower size, activity, language, location and more

Social Media Listening

The best social media listening tools using AI saves time and resources while proving real results, harvesting leads, and predicting accurate outcomes before engaging with your or anyone’s community.


Hashtags & Keyword Analysis

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competition by monitoring and evaluating hashtags, keywords, and post reach for posts that are geo-targeted and have diverse demographics and interactivity
Use your time efficiently by focusing on engagement that produces results by analyzing any conversation and popular topics ensuring the right demographics are reached with the appropriate content
Plan and demonstrate your impact by obtaining the deepest insight possible, which includes information on the people and discussions behind any campaign or topic, using the right social media listening tools
Obtain information about any conversation, like where its impact spread, who interacted, what their demographics are, which topics performed the best, and answer any related questions


Post Alerts

Keep track of your brand's presence online by receiving automatic notifications for brand mentions and keyword searches to avoid missing any important feedback or opportunities
Stay up-to-date with industry news, track competitors, and generate leads by setting up alerts for relevant keywords or account mentions
Save time by automating the process of monitoring keywords or hashtags with regular email reports, giving you valuable insights into your online presence
Take a deeper dive into the data by analyzing demographics and geography to spot trends and track changes over time, helping you to make strategic decisions for your business


Post Reach

Enhance your outcomes and break into new markets by examining any X (Twitter) profile, community, or discussion worldwide
Go beyond campaigns, posts,or topics, grouping different poststo measure their worldwide reach with demographics, popular topics, key engagers, and more
Improve your outcomes more quickly by measuring the reach of each post, group of posts, replies, and reposts while also zooming in to the city level or top influencers who engaged
Significantly boost successful campaigns by understanding how discussions spread and who engages with them, allowing you to plan better campaigns with data-driven foresight


Analyze Any Account

Stay ahead of your competition by knowing their audience, content, and follower demographics to make data-driven decisions
Before engaging with anyone, peek into their community and use unmatched insight to make the most informed decisions for real results
Ensure your messages reach the right people by understanding if your target prospects match your audience's demographics, languages, and time zones, even down to the city level
Expand your reach and connect with new target followers by analyzing lists of people or top influencers in your audience and identifying common followers between your communities
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