Schedule LinkedIn Polls for Free

Using your free LinkedIn Scheduling Tool, you can easily create and schedule polls to gather insights and opinions from your network on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter) simultaneously with the most advanced scheduling tool around. LinkedIn is a very helpful tool for connecting with coworkers, peers in your business, and possible customers or employers. Keeping … Read more

Schedule Posts on Mastodon!

You’re the first to get full functionality with threads, polls, media and more for Mastodon with a click. These tools will make it easier than ever to manage your social media presence on Mastodon, allowing you to schedule posts in advance and manage multiple accounts from a single interface. Build your community wherever people are … Read more

More Scheduling Tools for LinkedIn!

What’s New: More Scheduling Tools for LinkedIn!
November, 2022

Check out these recently released new exclusive tools to help you build relationships and speed up growth!

  • ?? Media Library: Added the ability to easily post your photos, GIFs & videos to your tweets right from Fedica’s new Media Library. Give your engaged followers some love by instantly tagging them in uploaded media right from your mobile!
  • ?⬆ Bulk Upload:Your new Media Library lets you keep content in your Posts Calendar so you can link it and bulk upload it to drafts, pipelines, or at any interval you choose. Scheduling just got 10x faster with Bulk Uploading you control.
  • ?? Schedule GIFs Anytime: We’ve built a GIF search tool that displays any GIF right from your post calendar. You’re only two clicks away from making your tweets more engaging, personal, and fun!
  • ?? Schedule Multiple Videos: This new feature lets you schedule tweets with GIFs, photos, and videos in the same message. Unleash your creativity and catch attention by mixing media in your tweets:
  • ?? LinkedIn Polls: You were the first to have X (formerly Twitter) poll scheduling capabilities, and now you can schedule LinkedIn polls, too! Know what your network thinks with scheduled polls right from your Fedica Posts Calendar.
  • ?? Schedule Multiple LinkedIn Images: This new feature lets you pack a punch with your posts by adding multiple images to LinkedIn content. Share your insights, compare ideas, and show off your work with your connections!

How will your new tools improve your strategy?

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Filter X (once Twitter) Analytics for Keywords Now!

What’s New: Filter X (formerly Twitter) Analytics for Keywords!
February, 2022

While you’ve been strategically building your following, we’ve built awesome tools that let you grow smarter!

    • Follower Relationship: Have you ever viewed an account on X and wondered when you followed them, or when they followed you? Now you can view your relationship history with anyone right on X – once you have the free browser extension installed, you will notice a new Fedica icon when you visit a profile on X. You can also add them instantly to a list if you don’t want to accidentally unfollow them!
    • Scheduled Photo Tagging: We’re the first to let you tag other accounts in your scheduled photos and make it easy to chat around images when you include them. Try tagging people next time there is a scheduled giveaway or follower appreciation so they’re notified in a special way, or when you hold a X Space, schedule its announcement with a photo and tag your invitees, for example!
    • Filtered Engagement Metrics: Have you ever wondered which of the topics you tweet about generate the highest engagement? Get the performance of any campaign, convo, or topic imaginable in your Engagement Dashboard! Instead of getting engagement data by Pipeline, try filtering them with specific keywords so you easily make the smartest content strategy moves.
    • Scheduling Polls: Just in case you missed it, you never have to miss a spelling mistake or write Polls last minute again when you schedule Polls like you can with Threads.

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Social Media Gone Professional

It is with no doubt that social media usage has been on a rapid incline over the years. With constant growth in users, social media sights have advanced their services. Where once just focusing on individual functions such as networking or image sharing, social media sights have now expanded into multifunctional services. Live streaming, shopping and social audio, are just a few of the functions that social media platforms have expanded on and will only continue from there.

The popular social networking service, X (formerly Twitter), has been a top leader when it comes to the emergence of trends. Their current launch of X for Professionals gives users a more enriched service by offering additional professional tools that are not offered to regular users. The new function caters to the advancing world of social media careers and marketing where X has now made it easier than ever to promote, feature, and shop on businesses, creators, publishers and developers accounts.

It is becoming easier than ever for users to showcase content and enhance their online presence. Professional profiles enable users to have a more defined way to present their account online with two new features:

  • Professional Identification: Indicates that a profile is professional and showcases what kind of profession they identify as
  • Profile modules: Allows users to share what is most important to them

The beginning of professional profiles began April 2021, where the “About Module” was released. Since then, the newsletter module, Revue, and the Shop module, have been created in alignment with Twitters efforts around accessible shopping.

Although the tools offered to professional accounts are only to a small range of users, Twitter is working towards expanding their markets to bring these features to everyone.

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