Generating leads on Twitter (now X): a quick guide to finding more prospects

The search for the ideal customer – why it is the most crucial step to your marketing effort If you have ever read a digital marketing message or an ad that made you go: “who’s wasting time & money to sell me something useless like that?” -followed by an immediate delete or scroll-over, then you already know the inefficiency … Read more

The Most Interesting Reactions To #GameofThrones Finale From Fans Around The World

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The Most Interesting Tweets On #GameofThrones: #DanceofDragons

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How the #IncredibleIndia Twitter (now X) Campaign Became a Massive Rally For Indophiles Across the Globe

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The Most Interesting Twitter (now X) Reactions To #GameofThrones #Hardhome

We love Game of Thrones. We also love reading about Game of Thrones fans reacting to their favourite show. To see more cities, use our live Hashtag Map #GameofThrones #Hardhome Here . New York. New york city is home to one of the most vocal #GameofThrones fanbase on earth: London. Our British cousins are also amongst the top GoT fanbase … Read more

How to use Twitter (now X) as an experiment lab for your marketing tactics

X (formerly Twitter) is a powerful tool when combined with the right experiment and analytical techniques to become an integral part of your go-to-market social experimental ground. What you’ll never have to do again:  Tweet just because everyone assumes frequency and activity equals effectiveness Stare at a blank calendar and agonize over what message you … Read more

#FIFA: Can Soccer Win Against an Entrenched Organization for Real Social Change?

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Beyond the Job – How Twitter (now X) Puts Entrepreneurship Closer Within Your Reach Than Ever

What do these people have in common? Twitch pro video gamers with followings rivalling cable tv programs Health & diet bloggers with large cult followings and booming ecommerce health products businesses Independent music makers, writers and visual artists with large thriving followings that provide them with star-level publicity and opportunities Youtube fitness and beauty stars … Read more

Bi-Partisan Reach on Twitter: Hillary Clinton Has More Influence on Twitter Than the Entire Republican Candidate Pool

History has proven that presidential elections can be won by leveraging technology to touch and convert voters. Technology once again will be in the spotlight and play a critical role in determining the outcome of the 2016 election. Political institutions that can leverage the power of new technology platforms to connect to their constituents more effectively … Read more

Go Ahead, Make Twitter (now X) Feel Less Like Work

X (formerly Twitter) should feel like a game. A real game – not some CRM or productivity app dressed up like a game. We are talking about the type of fun adventure that you leap straight to after work without taking your coat off. We live for the idea that working on social media should be … Read more

How to Fund Raise Like Leo DiCaprio in Inception

Persuading venture capitalists and investors in general is just like Nolan’s blockbuster psychological thriller Inception. Art imitates life. You, the entrepreneur needs to subtly place your big idea in the VC’s subconscious mind, and quietly leave so they wake up thinking the idea was theirs all along. Let’s see what lessons we can learn from Leo … Read more

How to find popular blog topics that your audience is interested in

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The counterintuitive truths I learned about productivity (the hard way)

Credit: Dilbert Why we are drawn to the siren songs of productivity tools and how they lead us away from productivity When you are planning your business processes, how often do you default to the choice of software tools as your first action item? Time and time again efficiency-hunting team end up spending many months, … Read more

Real Reasons Why People Don’t Read Your Blog

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